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Another money saving lunch idea

Another money saving lunch idea.

If you happen to decide to splurge and either go out for dinner or just order out, remember that you have to pack your lunch for work tomorrow.

What I mean is, when you decide what you want, many places will increase the amount of food you get for just a little bit more in price.

The extra quantities they give you are usually well worth the increase over the normal priced selections and usually more food than most people will eat.

So just remember when ordering that you want leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and order the larger portions. Then when your meal comes simply ask for a carry out container and split it right there into two servings. Or if it was delivered simply split it at home yourself.

Now you have your lunch all set for the next day and remember, this works for each family memember equally as well and ends up being quite a money8 savings and a tasty lunch las well!

My personal favorite food to pickup and pack the leftovers for the next day is KFC ! A couple three pieces of chicken, some coleslaw and a biscuit or two is one of the best lunches that I treat myself to. Gosh I love that tasty chicken skin, there isn’t anything better in the whole world, Yummy!

Kids love it to!


The next time you owe someone, remember Derric Miller.

Derric Miller, a former friend of Kwami Kilpatrick who testified in one of the Kilpatrick trials that he had received kickbacks, was sentenced to pay almost a quarter million dollars in restitution to the IRS.

Here is the catch. After looking at his income, he was given 100 years to pay back the amount in full.

Lol, even if he is just 20 years old right now, he’d be 120 in his last year of payment! Really! He’s actually more like 40!

So just remember that the next time you end up owing the government. I bet we wouldn’t get a deal like that!

Another American Injustice!


P.S. Who was that judge?



Yep, Independence day is the day we celebrate when we became our own nation, finally getting away from the mother land and becoming our own country, allowing every man woman and child the right to live The American Dream.

You know, it’s sorta like when a kid leaves home, setting out on their own to try to survive in the world.

In the days of the first settlers, they had a way of living where the land provided everything they needed to survive.

Each family raised their own livestock and grew their own fruits and vegetables for food. They actually survived off the land around them. Heck they even made their own soap.

So on and on and out the generations went, one by one, using every skill that they learned from their parents to live and survive raising their own families.

Their success meant to a nation that independence day celebrations would live on forever.

As each generation developed new things, they slowly over hundreds of years became less dependent on the land and more dependent on others and on the communities in which they lived.

Everything we need now, takes a job or work to get. Everything now comes from a store and the job is necessary to have money to buy the things they used to get from the land. Very few families actually live off the land on their own any longer and those that are left are usually found on the Discovery or History channel.

That my friends is how much we have grown, learned, educated ourself and advanced technologically over the years.

The price we have paid for out advancement in technology is that people have bought up most of the available resources in this country that they could, in order to profit by selling them off or by refining them to make money. There’s nothing left.

There are very few places left in America where one can live off the land as the settlers first did and now living off the land has become more of a survival game for our entertainment on TV, than an actual portrayal of what living in America is like today.

Families and individuals no longer actually live on their own independently any more. Now we depend on stores, businesses and even the government for everything we need to live and it takes a hell of a lot of money to buy it all. That’s where the good jobs comes in. In order for our kids to set out on their own they need a strong college education and have to find good paying career jobs in order to survive and raise a family.

Unfortunately, that is happening less now days because of the poor economy. More and more parents can’t afford to send their kids to college to get that education for a good job. It’s either feed the family or send the kids to college.

That unfortunately is snowballing in this country at an alarming rate. The proof is in how many kids out of high school and older adult offspring are now still living with their parents for much longer than they used to. Even many of those who are lucky enough to get a college education can’t find a good job to support themself, much less try to support a family also.

That’s why Independence day is changing and becoming more of a Dependence day. Other than the drinkers and partiers looking for another reason or holiday to get high, what real motivation is there for a 53 year old man or woman who is forced to live with mom and dad, to celebrate our countrys Independence when they can’t even be Independent themselves.

Wake up people. What once was open land, a new country, with everything you and your offspring needed provided by the land, is not that any more.

There is no more true Independence, only a dependence on the way of living we have we become accustom to paying for and whether we survive at all depends on how well we do financially.

Just for you to be born cost your parents a lot of money either in doctors bills or insurance, so there would be no cost.

The day of Independence actually went by the wayside when the country’s land could no longer provide the necessities for the amount of people that lived there.

You are no longer Independent unless you are one of those few that bought up all of the lands resources and now being filthy rich, you are probably in the government or heavily involved in political donations so you don’t loose your wealth.

The new sign on Americas front door now reads, the management has the right to deny service to anyone for any reason it sees fit.

So Independence day with all it’s hopes and dreams of “The American Dream” is just that for must of us, a dream! Realize that when you are back to work and the holiday has come and gone.

Happy forth of July is just what it’s becoming as true individual independence is slowly lost forever. Now days it’s more of a government holiday than anything else.

So party on like a senator, oh I mean rock star!


Those little cartoons may cost you a bundle.

Those little cartoons may cost you a bundle.

Listen up. There is a new way besides face book and other internet socials that we are giving up to much information to those who want to take advantage of us.

You know those little carton figures that people buy and stick on the rear windows of their cars that depict all the members of their family including their pets.

The figures usually are characters that are dressed in some particular way or might have a certain expression or be a certain size and they usually represent not only who is in your family but what they like to do as well.

They are basically a story of what your family is doing.

I personally like to see the little figures and what each one is wearing or doing. It’s something to do while waiting for traffic to move.

But, now criminals also are taking notice of these stickers and they are learning lots of information about you. Information that may unfortunately lead to a car jacking, you being robbed or a break in at your home.

They learn a lot of information that they no longer have to guess at and stuff that helps them determine what is going on either with your car or your home.

Pictures of kids in sports or cheerleading tell them you will be at many practices and games. Pictures of a man in a suit or a uniform tell them that dad might not be home a lot either. Pictures of little dogs, cats or hamsters tell them you don’t have a bid dog that likes to bit criminals. Depending on the time and day they can usually tell who is using that vehicle, for what purpose and probably guess where it’s going next.

Those little figures are actually cool and I like them, but unfortunately its time to pull them off thanks to some criminals that want to use them to their advantage.

It’s a shame. I know, we could all buy little guns to put in each figures hands! That might work!


Fast food wants your money!

Fast food wants your money!

We as hard working men and women deserve a good lunch in the mid part of our day, to rejuvenate the brain cells and muscles and get us through to quitting time.

Did you notice that I said quitting time! If you didn’t and you don’t consider yourself what I call a working stiff just trying to make a living than you probably do not need to read any farther.

But in the real world the rest of us need to watch the fast food market as they ramp up their push to bad mouth our home made lunches by using negative feelings on us!

You’ve all seen the commercials that have the main group comparing their lunch from somewhere, discussing the value, taste, size, and anything else they can think of. Then they ask their coworker who is sitting alone, what they are eating, and that is where they make you feel like an outcast. Like your lunch is not as good as theirs is.

DON’T FALL FOR THIS TYPE OF ADVERTISING! It’s really not a very reputable way to get someone to try their products in the first place, so don’t fall for it.

There is nothing wrong with bringing your own lunch and saving a ton of money over those who eat out daily.

And some of the food that people do bring in those home made lunches, a lot of times not only tops fast food in taste, but most certainly will top fast food in value, darn near every time. They can’t compete price wise with a home made meal, no how, no way, and they know it.

Just be creative, use thermoses, hot and cold carry jars, along with plenty of reusable plastic bowls and containers and by all means, be creative!

Search the Web for carry lunch ideas, along with ideas of cooking lunch depending on your job.
By all means use anything that your place of employment provides you for lunches, like microwaves, tables, plastic dinnerware, refrigerators, etc. Also, be careful never to contaminate your food, but use tools of the trade as well if you can. Ovens, torches, boilers heaters, chillers, coolers and a.c. units can all be utilized to warm or cool a tasty item so it’s ready at lunch time.

Now do yourself a favor, if you ever afford to buy something that a coworker says they wish they could afford, tell them you could afford it because of the money you saved by bringing your lunch!

Oh just a couple more things, don’t forget the condiments and never forget to pack the silverware! You’d look kinda silly drinking your home made stew or eating chocolate pudding with your finger!

The key to landing a job.

The key to landing a job is that you really have to want it.

If you half heartily go into an interview not really happy with where you are applying or with an attitude that expresses you are not really concerned if they don’t call you, than you can kiss that job goodbye. You may as well not have applied.

The way to land any job even if it isn’t the exact job you want, is to go into the interview with a positive attitude and a real expectation that you are already talking to someone who works where you will be working as soon as they hire you.

Yep, you have to think positive, believe that you are the one they will be calling. Express how the job interests and excites you and that you can’t wait to jump in and get going on your first day. Speaking of which, you must be prepared to stay when you answer the question of when can you start with an enthusiastic how about right now!

You see, its your enthusiasm and you qualifications that shine through to someone conducting an interview. Your answers and actions will stand out above the rest of the applicants and they will see you as a motivated team player who is ready to work.

That’s how you get almost any position you apply for. Now if someone comes across to them as being just a little more motivated or qualified than you, than you might lose that one by just a little but the practice you gain will certainly help you during your next interview.

Now if you are the type that has a hard time talking to new people, just try this.

Pretend that the interviewer is a great old friend that you haven’t seen in years and you are at lunch talking about you and your work, That should help you get over any bad case of nerves you could get.

So now get out there and land that position you always wanted. It’s not only easy, but now you know how!


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