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Save on Home Repairs.

Get some good answers from others about home repairs or upkeep. Find out just how someone else handled that same situation, or how to complete a project from A-Z. Home repair, upkeep, and remodeling are major items that most homeowners will face in a lifetime.

In the United States our homes are our castles and most people like to fix them up and show them off whenever possible. It doesn’t matter if you have a mansion or a small two bedroom ranch. What does matter is how you fix it up and make it look good, while saving your money.

Diamonds come in all sizes and so do the houses in America. What really matters though is not the cost but how it looks and works overall.

Now when it needs a wall removed or the hidden leak has rotted out the floor under the cabinet, you have to be serious and know what you have to do to repair it or have it repaired. If the garage door springs a roller or the front of the kitchen junk drawer falls off, don’t worry. There are ways you can handle it or just have someone fix them for you.

All of these types of issues from A-Z will be handled in this topic. We will even handle routine maintenance, as well. With a little community togetherness we will be able to give each other the answers we need to have our own castles in tip top shape and looking great.

So if there is anyone out there who is installing a bowling alley in their basement, just remember, I am open for a few good games most evenings as well as being a certified bowling alley tester. So drop me an e-mail and I’ll get out my ball.

Well I guess I will be seeing most of you in homes and gardens. Good luck and just one tip. Never start a project big or small without calculating how much it will cost first and then adding in half more to the amount, because most projects will run over budget, I Guarantee it. Now pass me the liquid nails _tm, and the liquid hammer _tm,  please, and step back.

by/ Bankruptnooption.


To Health and Fitness

Bankrupt No Option said…
Try out some free gym or health club memberships while you have the time. This can also combine networking and may land you a job from someone you meet.

Quirky Mom said…
In these uneasy and unsettled times, making sure that you feel your best will help ease your stress level. If you feel good about yourself, your outlook wont look so bleak. For instance, clean yourself up…just because you got that dreaded pink slip dosen’t mean to let yourself go. For a male… a new haircut, decent shirt and either the nicest jeans you have or a pair of dress slacks (when your going shopping or bummin’ around). For the ladies, Fix your hair, put on your make-up, nice slacks and blouse or decent jeans and a nice (girly) top. When you feel that you look your best, you often feel your best as well. This leads to a brighter outlook on life and just maybe you’ll be in the right place at the right time and just the way you present yourself, because you did the little things to make yourself feel and look better, may put you in a position to “run into” someone that may have a new offer for you. Good luck and have fun with it too

Bankrupt No Option said…
Another thing to stay healthier in winter, is to get enough sleep every night. This is especially important now that cold and flue season is here. Sleep is tied to health in many ways. One thing that it does do for you, it strengthens your immune system. It gives it the time needed to fight off all of those things you may be coming down with. Research has been done and the sleep deprived have come out on the sicker end of the studies. So if you want to add something else to your bag of tricks that will keep you healthy, then Get off the computer and Go to bed! When you are finished using the site, Of Course.

Strengthen your family in tough times.

Bankrupt No Option said…
Watch for anyone spending too much time by themselves. This can be an outward sign that things in their life aren’t going so well. All they might need is just a little extra attention from someone in the family or a friend, and a kind ear to turn them back around and get them headed in the right direction. But if you are ever in serious doubt about someone, seek out professional advice immediately!

Do as many things as you can together and always get the kids involved in as much as you can around the house. It might be as simple as cleaning out the garage. Do not make them work hard, they are not there to do your job. They are there for the togetherness, the conversation and the stability this will provide.

Quirky Mom said…
Good old game night. Make a family time on a certain day, night or time. Make a fun treat (let the kids help) then pick out a game that the whole family can enjoy on the right age level (if you have younger children). Do not let anything interrupt this time. No phone calls, no friends, nothing. You and the children will learn to anticipate this time together, and everyone will be “protective” of this time.

How do you set those in the mirror car compasses?

March 29, 2009 1 comment

I read the car manual and looked online but I can’t find the instructions to calibrate the darn thing. It has two buttons just below the compass and when I hold one it flashes cal. Then some numbers come up from 1-15. Beyond that I am lost but I do know one thing, I drove around in circles so long in the shopping center parking lot, trying to get each direction to read correctly, that I almost got that, one to many carnival rides feeling! ( and yes I actually knew which way I was facing, but the compass didn’t ). Help

From a friend,

Thanks for the grace Governor.

Granholm to the rescue.

Well people it looks as if everybody who has either lost their house or will run out their extensions will be in the shelters before long. Hey I got an idea, why don’t they put everybody to work building more homeless shelters. This would put everyone back to work. Oh all you lucky dogs that are now getting foreclosed, have 90 more days to work out a deal with your mortgage broker, to save your houses. So get going and convince them to give you new terms on your mortgage when you don’t have a job. You might as well look at it as our governor giving you 90 days to pack and move before the bank gets your house now.
Hey Jennifer, Pass the packing tape and leave the spare key to the mansion under the back mat, because we might get there a little late!!!! Oh yea, please have the coffee on because it’s a little cold outside.

On the more stranger side, there was some official in the Ohio gov. that actually told a lady to stay put and be a squatter in her own house! Wow I wonder how that all played out. Now the Wayne county Sheriff in Michigan has gotten on the news and said That he was stopping foreclosure sales in Wayne county. We are in a state of emergency he said, first. I think he is the only one that really sees, that to help the economy you have to help the little guy get back stable before you create him a job to go to. I say elect our Sheriff for the position of Governor!!!! Hang in there future squatters. I hope more comes from somewhere soon!!!!! Now you go and get some sleep, It’s my turn to stand guard now!!!



Recently I have seen many health insurance commercials on T.V. that claim to save you money over other plans. Anyone familiar with any of these, or what they have to offer?

Quirky Mom said…There is one that I’m aware of…however its not for everyone. If you have any type of private or commercial insurance they can’t help you. However, if you are without these types of insurance and have a Walgreen’s near you, ask the Pharmacist about their Wal-Card. It saves you some money and you get a few extra perks too.

bornbakwrd said…I have a friend who takes advantage of pharmacy coupons that offer gift cards and/or discounts when transferring prescriptions from one pharmacy to another. This takes some time to accumulate value, but it’s worth the effort.

Just a word of caution on this one. Transferring prescriptions can lead to deadly medication interactions if they are not all transferred and just one is missed by your new pharmacy. So be careful. I prefer to deal with only one pharmacy and get to know the pharmacist for just this reason. Plus if you get to know them they can be a great source of medical advice.

Free for Metro-Detroit Coming in April

March 27, 2009 2 comments

Jay Leno is scheduled to do two performances at the Palace of Auburn Hills, The show dates are supposed to be the 7th & 8th and they are supposed to be free for anyone who is unemployed.

The Shrine Circus is going to give away 5000 tickets to a show. The tickets can be picked up Sunday for the April 2nd show between 10:00am and 7:00pm, at the circus box office at the Fair Grounds. Limit 4 tickets per person.

You know folks, with the high unemployment in Michigan, a lot of children will go through things that they normally wouldn’t have to if times were good. There are many things related to job loss that can hurt a young child mentally for a long time to come. First off, If they are old enough they start to worry about food and where they are going to live and I have to stop there. This hurts me so much to think of little children and their parents faced with these worries. My problem is I don’t have any means to help them.

I am glad to see some people starting to realize how bad it really is and to give like they are giving. Even if it’s to the adults, because in this day and time every little bit is greatly appreciated out here and I will be the first to say Thank You for it and I hope word spreads around to everyone that has any means at all and that they all start to give a little bit back in the immediate future. People are out here loosing their jobs, homes, families, their whole lives in some cases and sure could use more help than the Government is giving. Thanks again people, for all who do something to help any one out a little bit at this time.

Just one thing, how about some hair places giving some free basic cuts to anyone who’s unemployed and has a job interview set up. That one gesture if given by all the hair places in Metro Detroit would be a major help to many people right now.

You see, it’s the little things that matter also and combined together add up to be a big gift for all who are hurting. I must have spent a grand before I was laid off, at the same favorite local restaurant eating out, but when I went up for a coffee and told them I was laid off and told them I couldn’t afford dinners out anymore do you even think they would pick up the tab for a cup of coffee, hel* no, I got a sorry to hear that, good luck and we will see you next time. Well I think with the way things are , not only restaurants but any business with steady customers will be loosing some in the future, if they don’t learn to give a little bit back to the ones who made them what they are today. That’s Just one small example of helping out and being kind to many who are down on their luck right now. I dare any restaurant in the area to advertise just for a couple hours on one night only; To Anyone that is Laid Off , Show us your Unemployment Stub and Your Dinner, is On the House!

Now if small business could do this, just imagine what a few big businesses could do for thousands if they would only drop their competitive pride and agree to get together to help out some people in a few creative ways. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Just think, a little kindness now might be what gives them the extra customers to pull off that record quarter in the future. The little guy and there are millions out here, are hurting bad right now and a little kindness could be remembered for a long long time, if it means enough.

Just one more thing, I hope someone can get the word to Leno about John Rich’s song; Shutting Detroit Down, so he could sing it live to the unemployed in Detroit. I got a major feeling that would make the whole show, even without an interview! Talk about a Standing Ovation.

Thanks America for All You Do Daily!