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What it’s all About.

Welcome everyone to the new Moneystight. This is just a brief overview of the history and possible changes to Moneystight. See the old Moneystight, http://moneystight.blogtoolkit.com

I developed Moneystight in December of 2008, and it has been going good since then. It was developed as a resource for Americans to use to gain information about money savings and other budget help ideas. But as it evolved it expanded it’s horizons to any Subject from the Universe and Beyond. Family Friendly, and a source for information on anything you would like to contribute a question or a comment about. It turned into the users blog to ask for insight about anything from others in the community.

So two twists were added. First it would now be a tool for anyone to try their own topic or ask their questions and when they were through, they comment on anything they have knowledge or experience of, to help others. I then realized that it needed a little insight on a few topics so my blogging went into high gear. I developed a style for the board that would give a little bit of insight on things and added some stress relievers in my commentary along the way.

I have the final wish for the community of Moneystight, which may get a name change soon. I hope it will end up being used as follows, — A blog with the functions of letting people find info from other people and ask questions when needed. It would be a tool to find out things relatively quickly for home or business use. It will let people try out their blogging skills with no sign-ups or anything. There will be many very experienced people covering most any topic, and what is missed will be picked up by someone knowledgeable about what it is. It will be a desktop tool at work or home for getting the job done. Anyone from a mom :POST Does anyone know if there is a store for kids with big feet in Livonia MI? to a professional :POST Has anyone seen a set of Tiger Woods clubs for sale? could find out something and business will use it constantly as a tool for their own use, like : POST Does anyone know if the bailout reached level two and if so how do we apply for the funds? etc…. to everyone having a laugh or two at my blogs or the joke section or whatever. Family Friendly of Course, and lets sell a few things too.

For Sale, One old blog. Name – Moneystight.

Just kidding, NOT YET!


Many changes are going on and time is thin. So lets get going on a slow takeoff and pickup speed from there.



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