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Paul Harvey, We Will Miss You.

Rest in Peace, Paul

For those of us who understand the style of writing, which is very similar to Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes, we will miss his radio commentary very much. Although I didn’t always agree with what was said, does anyone ever agree completely with what anyone says? I listened to his many viewpoints and comments about different things from day one. Not his day one but my day one. He was on the radio for as long as I can remember and that dates back to the 60’s. He always had a way of holding his audience captive until the little bit of humor at the end. His commentary was more like a good story but with a punch line. There were the times I heard the man as solemn as could be though. This usually was when something major was going on. He spoke his true feelings and was a very entertaining speaker and we will miss him.
Paul Harvey – passes – age 90.
Bankrupt No Option.

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