Well it is supposed to take place in the Palace of Auburn Hills, the home of the Detroit Pistons, but one city council member voiced their opinion that if it was supposed to be for the unemployed in Detroit then it should be held in Detroit. I don’t know what always makes Detroit so special in this way, but I would just like to let a couple of things be known to those who don’t realize it. First, the city of Detroit is just Detroit and nothing more or less. There are many unemployed people out there not only in the city of Detroit but in the suburbs also. Many of these Detroit suburbanites work at the same places and right along people who live in Detroit. You see it’s a big mix of cities, both large and small, that makes up the southeastern region of Michigan. We all try to live and work together and most of the ones who do it daily don’t worry any more about city boundaries than why the Detroit Pistons play there games in Auburn Hills anyway.

Speech is something that you can interpret in many way’s. You and I can both say the same thing and yet still have a totally different image in our minds of what we are saying. This problem seems to happen in this area a lot and I just don’t know why. I don’t think that anyone standing in the unemployment line cares about what city he or the other guy is from, because the common thread in that instance is the fact that they both need a job!

Being from the Detroit area but never having lived in Detroit, I have often said to people after trying to describe what city I was from, that I lived near Detroit and suddenly they knew where I was from. At least they thought they did. So good enough, at that point I would just leave well enough alone because they had the general idea.

Be Proud of your city , sure, but don’t be greedy over it, because it opens its self to all of the United States and the World every day when something good or bad comes out of it. And trust you me, that the city of Detroit depends as much on other city’s as the others depend on it. Did we forget that it was greed in America and big profit margins in the first place that got us to the point of the show even happening and when someone says they would like to do something for the unemployed in Detroit, they should be welcomed no matter what they decide to do or where they decide to do it because it is for the unemployed. The reference to unemployed in Detroit is a GENERAL reference to all the hard working men and women of southeastern Michigan that have lost their jobs in car factories, both in and out of Detroit. Many people speak of Detroit, or going to Detroit, but have no intention of actually going to Detroit, they mean the surrounding area. Wow just think of that. So council member, the next time your grand-kid says he wants to go to the Detroit Pistons game on Friday evening at The Palace, tell him we can’t go because Auburn Hills isn’t in Detroit.

Oh just two things I sure would like to see, one; being Jay Leno to get John Rich as his musical guest, singing, Shutting Detroit Down. If anyone reading this can spread the word on that to the right people to make it happen, I will salute you, and two; I would love to be there to see how many unemployed people show up in their Limos, Caddies, Vets, and other expensive rides clamming to be unemployed, because you see, it’s going to be on the honor system, no proof of unemployment necessary, and I’m unemployed and live in the suburbs, so I can’t afford the trip to go see Leno, much less a Detroit Pistons game. Hugh Maybe the council member will take me with their grand-kid, do ya think so —————Naaaaagh.


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