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The Contacts Section

This is a way to find someone you worked with or were on a team with, anyone from your past that you may have known, but have drifted away from.

It sort of works on a 20 Question theme, but with vivid descriptions and explanations to help bring the memories alive. Lets all have some fun trying it out and maybe you might even find the person you are looking for.

Use this section to find someone you knew and lost contact with, or before you leave, quit, get laid off, or retire, from any company, organization, team etc., do the following for people you might want to talk to in the future. This would also be a good way to find those old people you might need for a legal action or just to get the old team together again for some good times. The reasons are endless.
Write it down for them and tell them they can always findyou this way in,
—bankruptnooption.wordpress.com ——- Contacts Section.

It.’s simple and here is how to use it.

Comment in this section with information for each step. When we have time we will try to put each search in it’s own numbered sub topic so they are easier to reference. Later if it becomes big we will seperate into locations.

Make sure you first type in the step number you are on and then fill in all the information for each step.
#1. The Last Year / month, & The First Year / month, you saw the person you are trying to find. Be close.—–
#2. Name of Company & Shift, Organization, Teams, or Groups you knew them in during that time span, with the City & State after each one.—–
#3. Your Job Title, Position, Rank. Your First Name ONLY and your Nickname and Initials, while you were there. Also a brief description of you or something did or used to do, that they would remember about you if you have one. Here are some Examples and the more examples and more descriptive each one is, will help. (I was the janitor that was constantly whistling, or I was the book keeper who always dropped the books, or I was the UPS guy that came every day at 11:15) or (the only one here that bowled a 300 game) or (I left a candy bar on your desk every day) or (I drove the red antique Corvette sometime) or (we talked on the 2 meter ham radio every night and met for coffee and doughnuts every friday at Mr. Doughnut on Southfield rd in Jackson city). NOW, keep on listing all the dates, with all the places and then the descriptions for every place that you knew them from if it was more than one.

NOW Your All Set Up For Them to Find You. Check Back Often. You are Done! But if you are Looking For Someone continue to step #4.
#4. Now repeat the items in step #3 but put in the information of the person you are trying to contact.
NOW You Are Done. Just remember to place the step number of the step before each one and your all set.

Then check the comments often to see if they have written you.
If they respond to you just tell them the location of your favorite chat room, or I.M. service and your screen name, and go chat. Pass on your instant message info and go from there. Maybe use a web cam to say hi.
You can keep it at a, how are you doing level or communicate privately if you want to get together.
You could always use a local library to meet. You don’t need a library card to go in and sit down with a book. They will find you.

REMEMBER Do not give out personal information on any site. Do not give out personal information in e-mails or anywhere else until you are positive that the person contacting you is really who they say they are.

So Check it Out Today! Enter your info, and let everybody know where they can find you if, you or they move on!
P.S. If you happen to think you know anyone from a place that’s listed, tell them about it.


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