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Congratulations to the 44th President! This is your First Hour, The Golden Hour.

Congratulations Mr. President and Welcome to your new job. Your first hour. The last administration (I am not saying they did good or bad) sort of wrote off the little guy at the end, by mostly dealing with big business in their last hours. The final hours were spent on the car companies and gave the economy more time to get even worse. This caused the people who are out of work, to have to wait that much longer for help to arrive. When someone is badly injured, they always talk about the golden hour. That one hour window after the accident, where if help is given, the person has a much greater chance of surviving. We have reached the golden hour.
The little guy was the first one to feel the pinch after 9-11 and that is what got the economy rolling down hill at a constant rate. Things suddenly slowed down and profits started dropping. So in order to save money and keep the profits high, they cut the little guy. More and more money was taken away from a struggling economy, as more little guys took the hit to keep profits high. Thats where the snowball started and it’s been growing daily, as more and more job’s are lost to save profits. But now things have gotten so bad that businesses have had to raise their prices to try to stay afloat. This started other businesses to fold, because they were down to bare bones on employees and couldn’t cut any more. So they started folding and folding until the largest of the companies yelled for help. The administration listened to them because they were the squeaky wheel at the time, (the squeaky wheel always gets the grease) and the cries of millions of little guys fell on deaf ears, that were busy with the cries of big business.
Now I stand here and say, that the golden hour has come and gone for many. Their job’s are gone, houses are lost, and families are broken. The bad news is, this is only the first big wave. For you see when the seas get rough there are always more waves to follow, and they keep on coming, until we can see that small light start shining through the clouds near the end of the storm. Yes the golden hour has passed for millions and for millions more it shall also pass. It took a long time for things to get this bad, and when things move that slow, they are very hard to notice indeed. So there really isn’t anybody that could have seen this coming. They did see it getting worse though, and the band aids they applied were not the solution.
To rebuild anything you have to start with a strong foundation. Then you can carefully build higher and higher, until you reach the top. That is the part that was missed. A strong foundation. They tried to rebuild without checking to see if the foundation was still intact, when it had been thrown to the way side.
You must first help the little guy, the foundation of all that was and will ever be, in this country. Help those that are past their golden hour and give them the items they need to rebuild their lives, enabling them to contribute to the economy again. Jobs, temporary housing, and financial aid along with job placement, until they are making a similar wage to what they were.
Now proceed to the ones that are in their golden hour and give them what they need, so they can save what they are starting to loose. First adjust their mortgages, then freeze their payments until jobs open up and they can be placed in the openings as above. Then raise their unemployment to a level that is close to what they were earning, before loosing their jobs, (less the new mortgage payment since those are being froze).
For the last group, before they fall into that golden hour, cut the interest rates on their loans and credit, to a reasonable amount. Then stop lenders from giving credit that is above the means of the person to pay back. Make the lenders accountable for the credit and loans they give, while developing simple lending charts for them to follow. These actions will bring around the economy at a steady pace.
…Now create a business charter in this country that the companies and the government would all have to follow. It would be similar to the way the government tells the little guy that he has to save for his retirement. Have the government and all the businesses place a percentage of their profits into business accounts for themselves to hold and add to quarterly as their profits increase. Sort of how workers are being asked heavily to save a percentage of our earnings for our own future retirement through a 401K account. Only the companies would use their money to subsidize profit losses during slow quarters, so they wouldn’t ever have to cut employees to maintain their profitability and pay their bills. Sort of an Earn Now but Use Later theme, in both of the saving ideas. This would keep people working if companies fell into hard times, by allowing the companies to still pay their operating costs and their employees, without having to borrow or lay anyone off. This idea of a self stimulus package would help the economy to pick right back up again instead of slowing with more layoffs and increased debt on the businesses, possibly causing this to happen again. History has this funny way of repeating itself, you know.
So you see, Mr. President, this is your first hour, the golden hour. Where people have paid the price and where you have to create that small light, starting to shine through to all Americans in need. Shining through to a country that is down, but not yet out. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So Good Luck and Please Get America back to Work!
Thanks, Now sit right down and Get Busy.
by/Bankrupt No Option.

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