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Home safety is a year around task for everyone. We will be creating a list to keep everyone safe in our homes that will be added to as time permits. Lets start out with these;
  1. ——-Do not run a generator inside your house, on any level, PERIOD. THE END. NEVER!
  2. ——-Do not run any appliance inside your home for heat, that wasn’t designed for the purpose of heating a room or a home.
  3. ——-If you must use a kerosene heater, use only the fuel recommended in the manual, and follow all the directions, including supplying proper ventilation. Don’t become a statistic. If you don’t know what to do then find someone that does!!!
  4. ——-Do you have smoke detectors? Put at least one on each floor and one outside every bedroom. Make sure that you test them regularly and replace the batteries in the fall when you set back your clocks.
  5. ——–You should have at least one carbon monoxide detector near the bedrooms and one on every floor if possible. Do the same with the batteries and testing.
  6. ——-Keep a fire extinguisher rated A-B-C on every level and in the kitchen and near the furnace. Follow the instructions for upkeep and testing. Replace them when they are used 1 time or if they are past the expiration Date on the extinguisher.
  7. ——-Use the proper extension cord for the job. Everything you plug in has an Amp or Watt rating on it. If it’s a Watt rating, then divide the Number of Watts by 120 to get the Number of Amps. Now buy an extension cord with an Amp rating higher than the Amp rating you found or calculated. Make sure that it is only as long as you need it and do not run it through doorways, under carpets, through windows, or across walkways. Remember to put them away when not being used.
  8. ——-Never use an extension cord near water without using a GFI outlet.
  9. ——-Remember to buy and keep an approved safety escape ladder easily accessible, near a second floor window. Show everyone how to use it and keep it ready.
  10. ——-Always keep the ground below windows clear of anything, in case you have to jump as a last resort. Most anyone will survive a two story jump, landing on your feet, if you don’t land on your head or something hard. You may get busted up pretty bad, but at least you won’t be overcome by smoke and flames and die in the fire.
  11. ——-Never use a plug adapter to go from three to two prongs, unless the adapter is grounded and properly installed.
  12. ——-Never use an electrical tool or appliance outdoors or near water, without plugging it into a ground fault protected outlet. If you aren’t sure what type of outlet it is, than ask someone who knows.
  13. ——-Make sure that you have a ground fault protected outlet at every outlet location near a sink or tub. These outlets can save your life one day!
  14. ——-Never keep any flammable items near anything that uses fire or flame. Furnaces, hot water tanks, stoves, ovens and space heaters are all good examples of areas to keep clear of flammable objects.
  15. ——-Also do not keep flammable or explosive liquids near any of these locations either, or on the same floor with any of these. If they were to leak the fumes could cause an explosion.
  16. ——-Don’t use adapters so you can plug in more cords to an outlet. If you have this problem, visit a home center electrical department and they should be able to guide you in the right direction. Write down all of the amps or watts of the things you want to plug in before you go, so they can help you.
  17. ——-Are all windows and doors in working order? Does everyone big enough know how to open them. They have to open if you need to get out in a fire. Don’t forget about the children. Do they have someone that is responsible to get them out? And does everyone in the house know who is to be responsible for who? Remember to pick a meeting place outside, so you can do a count to see if everyone has gotten out safely!
  18. ——-Never leave a 5 gallon plastic bucket alone with any liquid in it. Especially if there are toddlers around. They can tip in head first and drown!
  19. ——-All chemicals, cleaning supplies, medicines, or anything that is dangerous to consume, should be kept locked up and out of reach of children. Sprays, insecticides, or even toothpaste and baby powder, If it’s not o.k. for them to eat then put it up or lock it up in a clean dry place, case closed. Remember to keep them in their original containers also.
  20. ——-Baby and kid proof your house. Matches, knives, lighters, scissors, sewing kits, etc,. Again if it isn’t for kids to touch then put it up or lock it up. It is as easy as that.
  21. ——-Baby gates, plug protectors, cabinet locks, door and stove knob covers, and the list goes on. Buy them and use them. So you won’t regret it later.
——- That was just a good starter. We will add more as time permits. Print out this list and check each item that passes. Do it for you, but most of all do it for them!
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