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How about those Community Oriented, Civic Minded, ELECTED OFFICIALS.

There is no need for me to write a thousand words or something funny here. The reason is that there’s a bad egg in every dozen. This means that most of the government officials we elect to office at any level, are in the good majority. Thank Heaven for that. I just don’t understand how someone can gain the trust of their community and take a sworn oath, only to do something that is more than likely going to put them out of office, but in jail also. I don’t think that they actually had anything in mind but two things when they ran. One being, serving their community and two, is the power trip going on in their mind while running for the position.
So what is it that would turn a honest community minded person, into the final person they become? Is it the power of the position, the I’m at the top and I can do anything I want to feeling? Maybe it’s the secluded, safe feeling, they get from all that private communication that happens behind closed doors. It could be that they are actually a follower in one on one deals with people and not a leader. Last but not least of the big reasons is, that the things they do bad, are so large to them or they get such a rush from doing them, that this interferes with their rational thinking and they make the wrong decisions.
O.K. we covered some most likely reasons that influenced them to do it. However why didn’t they stop just for a  minute to think about several of the following items. First, there is a real chance that they may get discovered or caught, which could end up with them in jail. Second they will know that everyone who elected them, along with many other people in their life, now look down on them and will no longer trust them. Third, it will have an everlasting effect on their lives and destiny. Lastly, if their moma knew they were involved in such things, she would beat them silly enough that they would have to give up the position.
So I ask, why do they treat us like the doormats to their offices? What is it that makes them turn from Dr. Jeckyl to Mr. Hyde? From someone well respected, to someone never to be respected again? I think all the cases are a culmination of different factors that we reviewed, with each case being as individual as the people it involves.
So unfortunately we will deal with this forever, unless we learn to fight it as hard as we do other things in this country. There are many things that can be done beyond an oath of office, but no part of the government at any level has taken action to try to stop this from happening over and over again.
So for now my friends here’s the deal. Open up your wallets as our  taxes increase, so we can pay for all these big trials. Now this is the good part. The next time the news is on, make sure you have your popcorn and your favorite beverage, then turn down the lights, because the show is about to start. You paid for it, so enjoy.
by/Bankrupt No Option.

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