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Keep track of your codes – You May Need Them

Well the hunt is on and many of you probably have been there too. Your universal remote just quit working as soon as you sat down to watch TV. Where’s the little paper that came with the darn thing? You know, the one with the codes in it? The hunt is on. Well here is an idea that’s simple. Keep the book in a folder full of those kinds of things and you will know where it is when you need it. Or at least the folder may be easier to find. O.K. heres the real tip. If it just takes codes and they are simple to put in then write them inside the battery cover with a marker and you are good to go. Now if it’s one where you have to push a lot of buttons before you enter the code then write them on a very small piece of paper with the sequence of pushes,(use a fine point pen), then fold up the paper so it just barely fits over the batteries. Not to thick though or you may break of the cover latch trying to put on the cover. Now if you made them fit, you will have them the next time you sit down and it doesn’t work, and you won’t have to get up at all. You could just tape the original booklet to the back of the TV or what ever you use it with, but you might forget it’s there also!


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