Make Money on the Internet, Buyer Beware.

I don’t mind someone making a buck, hey after all, isn’t that something we could all use? We all have our hard times when a little extra cash could go a long way. This is usually what gets those savvy minds thinking up another way to make a buck. Hey that’s great and if it motivates someone to better them self, than so be it. There are many lucrative businesses online that can be very profitable if you are willing to spend some time at them. There are scams and there are real deals, the hard part is figuring out which are which.
You can do a search online for some money making opportunities and you will literally find millions that are ready and willing to have you climb aboard with them and make a go at it.
I have never climbed up the ladder of any of these.
A couple I have tried though, were the wrong kind.
Most of the real money makers will take a lot of hard work and dedication, if you are going to make money at them.
The others, tell you that you can make some serious money if you want to, but usually end up being money out of your pocket and money into theirs. You know, the ones that send you a red flag in the beginning, as being to good to be true. They have a huge add and when you finish reading it, you only have a vague idea of what it’s all about. Sometimes the price is scary at first, but then the farther on you read the more it drops, until anyone can afford it. Now I don’t know of every Get rich or Make money scheme out there but one thing I do know.
Greed is a major factor when people come into money and unless they love you dearly, they aren’t going to share their money making secrets with anybody. The only way that would ever happen, is if it starts to slow down. The difference is that the honest one’s will seek out a new opportunity, and drop or sell the old business idea outright.
The other ones are the kind that made money for 7 years and now suddenly out of the goodness of their heart and the generous individuals they are, they are now willing to tell you all of their secret money making ideas, that have made them rich. You with me so far, because here is where it gets interesting.
Their original scam is failing. Now they sell the failing Idea to you and a bunch of other people, and charge various fees along the way. They make a second round of cold hard cash and you get a scam that they wore out and is hard to make a buck at because everybody is doing it. Now don’t loose confidence in what you invested in, even if you worked your tail off trying. Your are making a little cash and constantly paying monthly fees to do it. Your not rich yet but hold on to your hat, because they are now going to offer you a real actual business, where you can make almost as much money as you want to! Great, so how do I sign up and what’s it all about? You sign up with your credit card and when you get all your materials to look over, you realize you have already paid them for the first worn out idea, and now your new business will be learning to sell that same worn out idea to others, just like they did to you! You will have to cough up some more serious money for that opportunity though. You see, someone who has made a lot of money is going to lead and tutor you in each step along the way, so you can’t fail, Guaranteed! This don’t come cheep folks! The rich guy is actually taking time away from his money making, to teach you how to make money and that’s going to cost.
So as you see, you have to examine closely any offers you may wish to partake in. Just keep in mind the factors, no matter how legitimate it may sound and you will do o.k.. No matter what it cost, do not part with any of your money, if they or their add doesn’t answer all of your questions upfront and you still are not sure of exactly what you are getting in to. Don’t pay first for any money maker, unless you are buying stock from a reputable company.
I asked one time, since he was being so generous and caring by wanting others to make money like him, could I get the training up front and when I got rich I would pay him back triple? He hung up on me! The kind and generous soul that wanted everyone to make loads of money like him, hung up on me!! So go now my destined to be poor souls and Get Rich Quick! – by/ Bankrupt No Option.

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