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Rants and Raves

Bankrupt No Option said…
When I am talking to someone on the phone who is looking up an account, or taking an order, or handling a problem I may have called for, no matter where the conversation ends up, if I ask to speak with a supervisor, they are always either out to lunch, or not in, or gone home early! It never matters when I call because that’s the same response I always get. Only after demanding several times in a row do I ever get one. Then when the supervisor answers the phone, it’s like I’m talking to the person that was sitting next to them and they have this routine worked out between them to play supervisor for each other, when someone asks for one. It’s the same questions but with new responses that back the person I spoke to first. I don’t call unless I am right and I know it. Any real supervisor would agree with me and reprimand the person that I had the problem with! Man is this a scam or What! I know it has to be. So next time someone calls me from one of the places I had trouble with and they have that offer or promotion for all their special customers I am going to tell them – I’m Out To Lunch!

Bankrupt No Option said…
This is about that old familiar “Money page”. I am really getting annoyed with sites that are either listed as free or offer everyone a free trial. They take you all the way through this big sign up process and pages of information about what it is that you want. Then they let you use the site until it gets down to the nitty gritty of giving you what you came there to use, find, or get. But they still haven’t mentioned a dime. You have typed your fingers off and now click the final enter tab, then they take you to the “money page”. The page where it stops being free and now you don’t have a complete free trial yet, either. You all have been there and what I don’t understand is why they keep on doing it. I think if they would just advertise the price up front, they actually would get more customers. When you go to a dealership and test drive a car, you know what is going to happen. When you get back the salesperson is going to try to sell you a car. He isn’t going to try to sell it and then as you leave say you owe him some money for the test ride. If they did they wouldn’t sell many cars and they know this. Now it’s to bad that these internet sites haven’t figured this out yet, because the consumer has and most of us are sick of it. If you would all figure this out and list your prices first, along with your list of what we get for the money, than you would get more sales. Face it, you owners have been to the rotten “money page” a couple times also and felt the same thing in the pit of your stomach as your customers do. DID YOU LIKE IT. WELL WE DON’T EITHER. So from now on at least disclose the price of the item somewhere on it’s first page, or maybe we will have to start an Internet Department of Regulations, that would require a price be disclosed somewhere, before the customer has to type one blooming letter. So be aware Internet Shoppers, who hate the dreaded “money page”. If they don’t have the price listed before you have to enter anything, than it isn’t free. But in the mean time, I got a Blog you can use for FREE, because It Is FREE. On some free sites you do have to register but they are really free. Guess what, No Registrations Here and It’s Still Free. Catch you on the “Money Page”!!! by/Bankrupt No Option.

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