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That’s right, we all need to throw in the old towel just a little more often. You know, after we answer that time honored call from Mother Nature, please remember to throw in that old towel. We were all guilty as kids and we all know it. What’s our problem now? Oh I know, the doors don’t have that automatic open thingy like they should, that’s the reason. You see, after using that magical comode with the stand up flusher, then having to wash my hands in a sink where the water knows I’m there, plus add soap to the process by waving my hand below a box on the wall, like you wave a magic wand and now step over to do another magic trick, Wahlaa, out comes the towel, then I guess it’s time to give up the magic show, because when I get to the door and yell Open Saysamee, it doesn’t open! This leaves me with the only option for my great escape, which is to grab the handle. Ya you know the dreaded handle that thousands have touched before you and you know for fact, they didn’t use the old towel. Hey wait a minute I’ve got an idea. Skip the automatic door thingy, but have two trash cans, one inside the door, one outside the door, that way I can do my magic and when the handle stands between me and freedom, I can use my old towel to grab the handle and Maggicoo, Now I ‘m on the outside looking in! But most of all, now I have somewhere to throw the old towel! Keeping Clean Can be Magical;

A minute in my head!/by/Bankrupt No Option.

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