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Bankrupt No Option said…
Find practice interview questions on the net or have someone quiz you. Answer out loud and practice often. This will help you be ready to at least say something creative in response. ——- Do Not Lie! They can find out almost anything and if you lied on something this is grounds for dismissal no matter if you get the job and how long you hold it. —— Have copies of your resume, certifications, licensees, degree, and a note pad and pen. That way you are ready if asked for this stuff. —— Create a list of accomplishments for yourself. Type it up and add anything big that you were involved in, or did that was out of your classification. Go into detail and add how this benefited the company and yourself. Be creative and have copies to hand out if asked.

Bankrupt No Option said…
Don’t show up more than 10 or 15 minutes early. If you do just stop somewhere or drive around until it’s close to your scheduled time. And don’t go walking in with a coffee or a soda.

Bankrupt No Option said…
Be ready to take some tests. So review your trade at home. When taking these tests answer as many as possible saving the hard ones or the ones you don’t know for last. You might be able to get info from other questions that will help you answer those, or maybe jog your memory. Good Luck!

Bankrupt No Option said…
Dress very Nicely. You don’t have to wear a suit as long as you are very confident and comfortable with interviews, and you Meet the Qualifications! One time I beat out two guys with suits and I had on a dress shirt, slacks and a parka because it was 5 degrees below zero out. I simply walked in to the interviewers office who happened to be the vice president of operations, gave him a nice greeting and then said with confidence “Please excuse the way I am dressed but it’s below zero and with being laid off I can’t afford to get sick because then I wouldn’t be good for anyone! He said that’s fine and the rest was history. I got the job two hours later and the suits got to meet with other people. Remember Very Nice Clothes and no Jeans or cords. and Keep The Bling To a MINIMUM.

Bankrupt No Option said…
——-Make sure you ask the receptionist the exact pronunciation of the name of the interviewer, especially if it’s a tough one to say. ——-Make sure you go to their web site and check them out. Just a quick review is all it will take to get the overall picture of what they do, and where. This should help if you are asked any questions regarding their company. But if they don’t mention their company, tell them that you Viewed their site and were impressed with the information on it. This will look great on your part, but be ready to tell them a couple things that impressed you in case they ask.

Bankrupt No Option said…

Most of all be very nice to the people that you meet, and I even mean the receptionist. Because you never know who the interviewer will talk to after you leave. Remember they know each other well and work together daily,

— so just one negative comment from someone you ran into and it may be all over for you before you had a chance!

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