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T.M.J. & T.M.D. What’s this all about?

Bankrupt No Option said…

Headaches, Earaches. Both severe or bad enough to put you in bed sometimes. If you are a real go getter you are probably popping pain relievers like candy and this has to prevent you from being in a good mood most of the time. Sometimes it’s hard to even concentrate on things. But the pain, oh the constant nagging pain that seems like it goes on forever and then without realizing, it seems to be gone for a while! I feel Better Now! Welcome to the world of T.M.J. & T.M.D. Which stands for; Temporomandibular Joint, and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Better known as Your Jaw Bone is Wore Out! as I call it. This disorder was not to common back when I found out about it. However it’s becoming more common as more doctors hear about it and have learned to diagnose it. Now this is the point where I do not in any way shape or form claim to be a doctor, or be anyone who knows anything about medicine. Heck I still run to my wife for a band-aid. What I am claiming though are the following two items. The first being that I had a doctor tell me in 1990 that T.M.D. is what was causing my constant repetitive earaches and headaches, and all the pain that goes along with them. Finally after years of pain and several doctor visits a year for terrible ear and headaches, I finally found a doctor who knew what was wrong. After the exam, He looked at me and said “Well, I have some good news and some bad news. What do you want to hear first?” he asked. I sat there for a quiet minute, silently thinking happy thoughts about how there wasn’t going to be any more pain from here on out! No more Earaches, No more Headaches, Eureka I am about to be cured and then I almost shouted at him “Give me the Good news first”, knowing all along, the bad news was something like a few shots or a minor operation. He returned to his position after my unexpected yelling and said, “What you have is T.M.D.”. Thats when he went on to explain in his own words; how my jaw bone joints were loose and had a large gap that was supposed to be filled with a little spacer that keeps the bone hinge from rubbing bone to bone and that my little spacer had been worn away probably from many reasons, one being teeth grinding as a kid. It’s the rubbing action of bone on bone that causes the Earaches, the Headaches and the pain that goes along with them. At that point I was ready to move on to the cure that would remove all the pain, so I told the doctor, “Ok I got it, now give me the bad news. How long will I be in the hospital for?”. Then he simply said “There is nothing I can do for you!”. I suddenly then started a barrage of questions at a hundred mile per hour pace and after all was said, the only thing possible was for me to wear a jaw brace when sleeping or awake when needed. My hopes of beating this stuff were dashed. I didn’t want to have to wear a large brace for the relief. Upon leaving the doctors I got mad, real mad and that’s when I swore I would cure myself. Thats when it all started, from trying different over the counter medicines and herbal supplement’s, to the point of trying new beds and sleep aids that hold you in various positions while you sleep. All together I spent thousands of dollars on stuff and got little to no relief from the pain. That’s when I started on my mission. I was bound and determined to find a way to beat this stuff or go back to the doctor’s and have my head surgically removed! I can now state my second claim. I now live my life almost completely pain free. Although I still may have an occasional flare up, I have succeeded at my mission and I feel I am cured. Most of my days now are spent without that constant nagging pain I lived with before. After much more research and testing of different things, I have put together a program for myself that I strictly followed in the beginning, which now has become routine. There are simple steps that I take daily to insure I will not have to suffer as before. They are easy to follow, however I can’t guarantee they will work for everyone, because everyone has different stages of this disorder and different problems also. So I have put together a simple, very small printed blk/wht pamphlet, with the steps I follow that have kept me mostly pain free for years. For information on getting a paid copy, send an E-mail to bankruptnooption@yahoo.com for more details.

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