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Bankrupt No Option said…

I know someone that learned the guitar without lessons and he thinks that as people get better at the game, they start to think they can actually play the guitar and start to think that, the real thing isn’t that hard. Thus giving them a false perception of what it does take to actually learn how to play a real one. I feel quite the opposite. In my opinion as I played the game and started to rock the living room it became more and more apparent the harder it got, that I still could not play a single note on a real guitar. Lets just say that as the game got harder, and the cramps in my body developed into buckets of sweat, I developed a new respect for anyone who could play even part of a song, just half way decent on a real guitar! AND YES I do feel that It is a very addictive game indeed. When I tried it, every note I hit was the stepping stone to the next song and then the next gig and so on!

Quirky Mom said…

I dunno if the game is actually addictive. I mean I can play it without “having to play it” in other words its not taking away from my real life. However, the game is fun and the more I play it the better I get. But I do agree with Bankrupt, that even though I’m getting better at the game I don’t feel that I could even play one note on a real guitar. But who knows maybe someday I’ll take some lessons and learn. I love to listen to someone who can really play.

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