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Bankrupt No Option said…

I was laid off just recently and I still can feel the feelings and re-live the thoughts that raced through my mind at that time. I quickly worked through all the feelings and set my mind on what I needed to do at that time. The only thing I can say is that you have to leave with dignity and be as civil as possible. Don’t go out the door screaming and making a show because this will instantly cut any good ties you had with anyone there. By leaving calmly and collectively I was able to get information from H.R. that I needed and was able to call and visit later to pick up things that I forgot to take, without any problems from them. Later I went back and collected all the letters of recommendation I called back for during that next week. By leaving calmly and with dignity I have left open the communication channels with them and some networking possibilities as well!

Bankrupt No Option said…

Try this so you won’t forget anything. Make a list on a sheet of paper or use a small notebook. List all the things you bring to work and plan to leave there. Add to the list as needed. Include personal items, decorations, tools, pictures, etc. and if you do leave simply get some empty boxes, pull out your list and check the items off as you place them in the box. You will not only have everything but you will look like the most organized employee they had as you gather your belongings.

Bankrupt No Option said…

Most companies will give you your layoff notice on letterhead ( company stationary). Just make sure you read it completely, it should state the reason you are being laid off and give a callback date if it’s not permanent. If the reason isn’t on there or you disagree with what was said, then tell the person giving you the letter and ask to go to personnel to have it added or changed. If they agree, make sure you wait for the new copy. Remember to be calm as a cucumber, smile and act friendly until you are at home. Being angry will not do you any bit of good at this time.

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