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Bankrupt No Option said…

Create and keep updated an account on many job sites. Some charge a fee to use and a lot are free, but even some of the free ones have offers in them that will cost you. I have gone with the major free ones like Monster, Yahoo HotJobs, Careers, Top USA Jobs, and the list goes on. You also want to keep your account current on your unemployment agencies job board if they have one. Otherwise they can stop your unemployment.

Bankrupt No Option said…

Try more schooling without leaving home. A friend recently graduated online from the University of Phoenix and she said that she loved it. She has now applied for a better position. There are many online schools to choose from. Search for them in the Google search box at the right. Review them, find out about them and make your decision on career advancement.

Bankrupt No Option said…

Network, Network, Network- This amounts to keeping in contact with people you know and finding other creative ways to meet with people and talk jobs. I didn’t think that this was really important but a recent survey of employers said that 80% would first consider referrals from their employees to fill in an open position. I saw this story on my local news and I was flabbergasted. By the way many news sites have job announcements so keep them in mind also.

Bankrupt No Option said…

Remember now that you are unemployed, have extra time, and a smaller budget it would be a good time to check on government loans and assistance for schooling to advance or change your career.

Bankrupt No Option said…

I have searched with many online job sites and one that I am canceling is JOB.com. At JOB,com there are bulletins they send to your e-mail for you to review new job openings in your area. After reviewing these for many months things begin to stand out. 1. The some of the exact same listing re-appear over and over except with a new post date. 2. The pages they send rotate each time they send them – so after you receive a few notifications you are looking at the same adds again, all with new dates. 3. Most of the adds that are listed are repetitive and they concern careers that they advertise training for, not ones that suit my job search category. So the bottom line is try another site. More to come.

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