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Parents, Let’s make it fun for the kids.

Dads lets get more involved. You all know that if you were to walk through the house to find a used toilet paper or paper towel core, then went to your kids room and got a toy car, then you sat down at the dining or kitchen table and stood up the tube in the middle, after that you propel the car towards the standing tube and then yell out loud “aw I missed it” you would have every kid within ear shot running to see what was happening and then yelling—– “my turn my turn”. Remember Half the part of having fun is just doing anything together!

bornbakwrd said…I can visualize every kid within ear shot responding. LOL. I think that too many families (including mine) are missing out on the family bonding that happens on family game night. This doesn’t have to be weekly but something like once a month would be a really good thing. If you think about it, kids play games all the time and look how tightly they form bonds with each other. Many of those bonds are life-long. This year, the day after Christmas, my son and I went and played Monopoly with my mom and we are still talking about how much fun that was. I think next time we will be sure that my dad can participate too (he had to work that evening).

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