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More loans are coming.

Well now in Washington, the big thing is freeing up the banks from all the dead properties so they can give out loans again to people. I have checked out some of  the public auctions for foreclosed properties and only a few of the properties were labeled as cash sale or cheep enough to pay cash for the property. These sales were put on by some of the big loan and mortgage companies in the U.S. and the big thing was all about signing up people for mortgages on these properties. So the government is trying to free up the banks so they can give loans,  while the banks are giving out loans and they are flying out the window. What the heck is the problem here. Doesn’t anyone in government even watch the news. That’s where I saw the stories at and I am sure  they have access to the same news reports that I watch.

I just don’t get it. All of these representatives and law makers are so sharp and up on things and yet they constantly let things like this happen. I don’t know about you but I think someone is asleep at the wheel half the time and the other half they are tuning the radio channel.

Come on, up there in Washington. What seems to be the problem.  Take a real look at what is really going on out here and how things are operating first and then go back and decide who needs what and when and how.  I think that they are so smart that they are like the smart kid in the class who was lazy and just wrote the report from memorized facts, but never got an A because they didn’t have references or made them up and the teacher knew it. They did the work from their memory and not from real facts they found and referenced too. They always got a A- or lower because they only did half of the job and fluffed the other half. The other half was getting up to date facts that may have changed from the facts they memorized.

This seems to be what our lawmakers are doing, right now. What they need to do is get out of the office and gather some recent facts on what they are working on and then maybe they would know how and what to do to actually fix the problems out here, instead of just throwing money out the window to whoever has the biggest hand sticking out at the time that wants some. Because it appears to be exactly what they are doing by having investors buy all the dead properties from the banks, so they can give loans that you can see they are already giving every day.  Hey maybe they know these private investors and the next big scandal will be how some of someones campaign supporters were the ones who actually get the properties for pennies on the dollar.

What they should be doing with all the properties is giving them back to the families who lost their jobs and homes but didn’t over mortgage causing them to loose their home. They would sign a note  promising to start paying for the house  when they were again gainfully employed ,  and the banks who are giving out the mortgages now, would then give these people a new loan. This way the Government would miss the scandal part all together.

Something has to be done people. I wonder what Old Rush Limbaugh would say about this.


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