Recently I have seen many health insurance commercials on T.V. that claim to save you money over other plans. Anyone familiar with any of these, or what they have to offer?

Quirky Mom said…There is one that I’m aware of…however its not for everyone. If you have any type of private or commercial insurance they can’t help you. However, if you are without these types of insurance and have a Walgreen’s near you, ask the Pharmacist about their Wal-Card. It saves you some money and you get a few extra perks too.

bornbakwrd said…I have a friend who takes advantage of pharmacy coupons that offer gift cards and/or discounts when transferring prescriptions from one pharmacy to another. This takes some time to accumulate value, but it’s worth the effort.

Just a word of caution on this one. Transferring prescriptions can lead to deadly medication interactions if they are not all transferred and just one is missed by your new pharmacy. So be careful. I prefer to deal with only one pharmacy and get to know the pharmacist for just this reason. Plus if you get to know them they can be a great source of medical advice.

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