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Strengthen your family in tough times.

Bankrupt No Option said…
Watch for anyone spending too much time by themselves. This can be an outward sign that things in their life aren’t going so well. All they might need is just a little extra attention from someone in the family or a friend, and a kind ear to turn them back around and get them headed in the right direction. But if you are ever in serious doubt about someone, seek out professional advice immediately!

Do as many things as you can together and always get the kids involved in as much as you can around the house. It might be as simple as cleaning out the garage. Do not make them work hard, they are not there to do your job. They are there for the togetherness, the conversation and the stability this will provide.

Quirky Mom said…
Good old game night. Make a family time on a certain day, night or time. Make a fun treat (let the kids help) then pick out a game that the whole family can enjoy on the right age level (if you have younger children). Do not let anything interrupt this time. No phone calls, no friends, nothing. You and the children will learn to anticipate this time together, and everyone will be “protective” of this time.

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