Thanks for the grace Governor.

Granholm to the rescue.

Well people it looks as if everybody who has either lost their house or will run out their extensions will be in the shelters before long. Hey I got an idea, why don’t they put everybody to work building more homeless shelters. This would put everyone back to work. Oh all you lucky dogs that are now getting foreclosed, have 90 more days to work out a deal with your mortgage broker, to save your houses. So get going and convince them to give you new terms on your mortgage when you don’t have a job. You might as well look at it as our governor giving you 90 days to pack and move before the bank gets your house now.
Hey Jennifer, Pass the packing tape and leave the spare key to the mansion under the back mat, because we might get there a little late!!!! Oh yea, please have the coffee on because it’s a little cold outside.

On the more stranger side, there was some official in the Ohio gov. that actually told a lady to stay put and be a squatter in her own house! Wow I wonder how that all played out. Now the Wayne county Sheriff in Michigan has gotten on the news and said That he was stopping foreclosure sales in Wayne county. We are in a state of emergency he said, first. I think he is the only one that really sees, that to help the economy you have to help the little guy get back stable before you create him a job to go to. I say elect our Sheriff for the position of Governor!!!! Hang in there future squatters. I hope more comes from somewhere soon!!!!! Now you go and get some sleep, It’s my turn to stand guard now!!!


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