To Health and Fitness

Bankrupt No Option said…
Try out some free gym or health club memberships while you have the time. This can also combine networking and may land you a job from someone you meet.

Quirky Mom said…
In these uneasy and unsettled times, making sure that you feel your best will help ease your stress level. If you feel good about yourself, your outlook wont look so bleak. For instance, clean yourself up…just because you got that dreaded pink slip dosen’t mean to let yourself go. For a male… a new haircut, decent shirt and either the nicest jeans you have or a pair of dress slacks (when your going shopping or bummin’ around). For the ladies, Fix your hair, put on your make-up, nice slacks and blouse or decent jeans and a nice (girly) top. When you feel that you look your best, you often feel your best as well. This leads to a brighter outlook on life and just maybe you’ll be in the right place at the right time and just the way you present yourself, because you did the little things to make yourself feel and look better, may put you in a position to “run into” someone that may have a new offer for you. Good luck and have fun with it too

Bankrupt No Option said…
Another thing to stay healthier in winter, is to get enough sleep every night. This is especially important now that cold and flue season is here. Sleep is tied to health in many ways. One thing that it does do for you, it strengthens your immune system. It gives it the time needed to fight off all of those things you may be coming down with. Research has been done and the sleep deprived have come out on the sicker end of the studies. So if you want to add something else to your bag of tricks that will keep you healthy, then Get off the computer and Go to bed! When you are finished using the site, Of Course.

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