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April 29, 2009 1 comment

Well the Swine Flu has returned from its last romp back in the 70’s. This time it looks as if it is going to go big. Take it serious but there’s no need for panic. We just have to follow the recommendations they have set forth to help keep it from spreading real bad and maybe it will be beat. But if you do become sick, see a doctor as soon as you can.

Also, You can NOT get Swine flu from eating Pork. So pass me the bacon, please.

Now here are some easy steps, to help keep you from getting sick.

  • Use hand soap when washing your hands.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Keep away from anyone who appears ill, as much as possible.
  • Keep away from crowded places, as much as possible.
  • Wash Your Hands.
  • Keep from spreading germs, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.
  • Keep your hands off your face and out of your mouth, ears, eyes and nose as much as possible.
  • Wash Your Hands.
  • If you are sick, don’t go out. This is definitely a problem, because most people have to work, but use sick days if you have them.
  • Keep Washing Your Hands!

Now I don’t think there is a mom in America, that hasn’t told her kids to Wash Your Hands, and Use Soap!!

So listen to our moms and Do It!

Now, read on and enjoy. (Feel free to post this, where you think it will help.)

I’m Throwing in the Old Towel.

That’s right, we all need to throw in the old towel just a little more often. You know, after we answer that time-honored call from Mother Nature, please remember to throw in the old towel. We were all guilty as kids and we all know it.

So what’s our problem now? Oh I know, the doors don’t have those magic automatic open thingys, that’s the reason.

You see, after we use that magic toilet with the magical flusher, then wash our hands in a sink where the water knows we are there, adding soap to the process by waving our hands below a little box on the wall, then step over and wave them again like a magic wand,  Wahlaa, out comes the towel, then I guess it’s time we give up the magic act, because for the final trick we get to the door and yell, Open Saysamee, but it doesn’t open!

This leaves us with the only option for our great escape, which is to grab the handle. Ya you know, the dreaded handle that thousands have touched before you and you know for a fact, that they didn’t use the old towel.

Hey wait a minute I’ve got an idea. Skip the automatic door thingy, but have two trash cans, one inside the door, one outside, that way we can finish the show. Now when the dreaded handle stands between us and the Grand Finale, we can use the old towel after drying our hands, to grab the handle and Maggicoo, We are on the outside looking in!

But most of all, now we have somewhere to throw, the old towel! Keeping Clean and Washing Our Hands Can be Magical! and Fun!



Government scares hundreds, for a picture.

April 28, 2009 1 comment

My Gosh, what were they thinking when they planned a costly, poorly communicated, unintelligent, photo shoot that would amount to an extremely sad and hurtful April fools joke, if that’s what they had only meant it to be. It was on the same level as yelling “Fire” in a crowded movie theater, or mentioning “something you shouldn’t” while in school or on an airplane. Actions that would definitely get anyone in trouble if they did them. There are laws against these types of actions now days,  laws that you would have to face. But will they.

Imagine this, someone in our government somehow decides that we need a new photo of one of the Air Force One 747 jets, using the Statue of Liberty as a Background in the photo. So on a crisp blue Monday Morning as New York city awakens, workers are starting their days at their desks, high above the ground in all of the sky scrapers around the site of the World Trade Center Attacks on 9-11.  They decide to send the 747 and a fighter jet with a photographer aboard, to do a few low, fly-by passes near the statue, so they can get some good shots to show how they are better spending taxpayer money these days during the recession.

Now, unless you have a way to notify a complete city, full of workers, business travelers, visitors and tourists, that you are planning to do this and you better make darn sure there will not be one person in the city that doesn’t know, then I don’t think it is sounds like such a good idea to do.

The news coverage on Monday 4-27-09 told of the panic that it caused and of the hundreds of people that ran out of the buildings, into the streets when they heard the planes pass by at such a low altitude. Go figure, would anyone living in America who remembers the attack on 9-11 be expected to react differently, I don’t think so.

So what happened? Why didn’t they let everyone know?  The authorities they did let know, were told not to let anyone else know! Even still, how could they miss the fact that they should tell the cities inhabitant’s? Doing that without letting the people know was similar to tripping the big red handle that says “Pull In case of Fire”, only for a major metropolitan city and all at the same time.  How could the reaction of the people possibly have been overlooked?  I don’t know. Maybe poor communication or a lack of technology is to blame.

We are in an age where kids in T.V. commercials are proudly proclaiming to the world , that they are very young and with their computers and their digital cameras they are busy cropping, cutting and pasting, making photos, movies, and posters just for fun.

In this day and time we have computers and professionals in movie studios, who can make a giant space ship hover over Washington D.C.. Why then,  if they needed a shot of a plane flying past a monument that is located in a critical area with restricted air space regulations, wouldn’t they realize that they can have a picture or a whole movie made, without actually flying the plane past the statue at all, thus eliminating the need to think of possibly scaring anybody.

When the president brought his Blackberry to Washington with him, they had to make many changes before he could use it. Now combine that issue with the photo issue and it kind of leaves America wondering a bit about how technologically advanced our government really is, or is it possible that technology isn’t keeping up with the pace that the government really needs? Could that be the reason for the apparent lack of technological use or the apparent lack of communication that caused this to happen?

I guess as citizens these are questions that will remain unanswered to us, but probably heavily looked at by the government. Will technological advancements be made in the future to prevent this type of thing from happening again? We will never know.

One thing we do know, is that the area is restricted air space and for a good reason. There are rules set that explain how to use it and lists of who needs to be notified of exceptions, if there are requests for them, and the people should be on the list also, in certain circumstances. Now if we can get them to follow rules and laws like we as citizens are expected, then this whole thing would never have happened. Period.



April 27, 2009 2 comments

I enjoy NASCAR racing to the max. I also enjoy going to the local 1/4 mile track nearby Detroit on a warm Saturday night to see the locals go at it.

The enjoyment of Auto Racing is something you mostly are introduced to, usually at an early age by a family member who enjoys it. You can find it yourself or through a friend and become a fan that way also. But either way you hear of it, you will attend a race or watch it regularly on T.V., pretty much only if you truly enjoy it.

Racing is enjoyed by millions and most of those people are very naturally competitive. There are some filthy rich people out there who do it and who sponsor or back the racers. Some of these names are the biggest names in business. I guess that means anyone wealthy or poor can enjoy racing. Most of these people involved, are highly educated and are some of the nicest individuals you will ever meet, whether or not they are racers, sponsors, or just average fans of the sport.

In all age groups and all nationalities there are many men, women and children who love racing. This covers all age groups, all levels of education and all types of people. The one true common thread, is plainly that these people are extremely competitive by nature and they are the ones that always strive to be the winners in what they choose to do. They must be the doers in society if they set out to be the winners, because you can’t win at anything if you don’t do anything.

Now, as fans of racing, most grow up or are introduced to the dangers involving the participants. From the flagmen to the drivers and safety personnel, they are exposed to many dangers and these dangers are looked at frequently by the racing bodies. The factors involving accidents are usually many and most can be accounted for, but every now and then a new one pops up that we missed or came along because of previous changes.

Auto racing in America is some of the safest racing in the world. I think that the Insurance companies, Lawyers, and the overall concern by the promoters, is what dictates the safety aspect for all the people involved at the event, including the fans as well.

It’s a dangerous world we live, work and play in and at any time something bad can happen. Something concerning a factor that was missed when the safety aspects were updated. Any one who has ever been to any type of a public event of minor or major capacity has to know just from watching the news, that bad things can and do happen occasionally at public gatherings. The promoters try as hard as they can to figure into their safety measures and equipment, things that will cover all of the factors that could happen. But in the realistic and imperfect world in which we live, we will never be able to cover all the bases, just most. So as human beings we all know that accidents can and do happen, and will continue to happen each and every day of our lives.

Being a fan of racing I have seen safety factors increase and trickle down to the point of bicycle helmet laws in different locations, which is great. The local tracks are much safer now than just several years ago. NASCAR does what it can to continue making events safe for everyone. Major changes such as the implementation of safer barriers is still trickling down to smaller tracks, until maybe even the local go-cart tracks will have them. This is taking years to complete.

Now should NASCAR take a serious look at redesigning catch fences, making new standards for all future tracks or should they look at a combination of safety changes and racing changes that will prevent accidents like this and change the definition and reputation of all the high banked ovals. Further making the sport safer for both the drivers and the fans.

The safety factors should all be scoured and planned down to the last thing that we as people can imagine. So all aspects from racing and tracks as they are now, to racing and the building of future tracks, should be covered during every safety review. Constantly studying new ideas, then testing and implementing them if they seem to help.

We will continue as fans and I do believe racing and NASCAR are tuned in to the safety of all, so for now, Save me a seat near the top of the stands and pass the popcorn, because the race is about to start.


Video: NASCAR on FOX: What a finish!

Video: NASCAR on FOX: Wreck at Talladega

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April 26, 2009 1 comment

For those of you in other states, The Woodward Dream Cruise, down Woodward avenue travels through several cities in Southeast Michigan, just north of Detroit. It is the car lovers Daydream of a spectacular gathering of thousands of the most unbelievable cars from fully restored or original mint to completely professional racing cars.

One can say no more about it than this: If you never have been to it, then you have never been to a real major cruise!

Rather than rambling on about all of the cars you will see or the fun things there are to do, I will just recommend that you plan for a few days off and drive up in your sweet ride or your beater and stay anywhere around the Detroit area so you can attend. There is no admission to watch or cruise but please donate to their cause.

You can find out everything you need to know by clicking the link below.

Hope to see you this year. at


Search; Woodward Dream Cruise on

One Year Protection Plans for New Car Buyers.

April 26, 2009 2 comments

I know that this don’t sound like too bad of a deal, but before you buy you better weigh the facts.

Many people who have been laid off are highly skilled professionals. I don’t know the numbers because no one has studied this so far, but I have heard enough.

Many of these people have been out of work for more than a year now and a lot had to actually change to another field or get more schooling to find work.

Do you think things are getting better already? If you do and you are so secure in your position, as to bet your good credit on the fact that you will land a job in your field before the 1 year protection plan runs out, then go ahead because it is a good deal for you.

Personally, the way things are looking right now, I know I wouldn’t risk my credit on those kind of stakes, unless they would agree to cancel the loan with no repercussions to my credit if after a year I was still jobless.

Take it from myself and other professionals out here who have been jobless now for over 8 months or better, that you could end up in a mess with a deal like that. Hey if your car is decent then just hold onto it until you hear for at least three consecutive months, that the national unemployment rate has dropped and then go find a good deal.

The deals will still be out there and maybe you will end up with a new car that is fresh off the assembly line again like they used to be , instead of one that has sat on a storage lot for months in the harsh weather, that had to be jump started because the battery was dead from sitting.

I want the economy and all the companies to rebound more than anyone, because I’m loosing it all too. But for the auto companies to offer an incentive like that in these especially shaky times, selling products that have sat to long already and still yet wanting top dollar for them, is not to good a deal any way you look at it.

You be the judge on this one and oh yea, I don’t have a battery charger, but ask the guy down the street with the new car because I think he had to buy one. That’s if he hasn’t sold the charger already for food because, he’s since lost his job and now he’s loosing his house and his car. Go Figure That!


Mark Martin, A Veteran, A Winner, and The Start of a Trend?

April 20, 2009 2 comments

Veteran NASCAR Driver Mark Martin, after having a long string of races, sometimes with some not so happy finishes, has keep up the fight and has become one of the oldest drivers to win a NASCAR Race. I am darn happy to see it. I would like him to stay in it as long as he feels he can do it and NASCAR signs his racing license.

So what I am wondering, is in the future will we start to see some older veterans staying in the sport and enjoying it longer. Veterans and their perspective rookies, mixing it up, for the fun of it, bumper to bumper. Spectacular.

Now we all know that there comes a time when a driver would weigh out all the consequences of racing another season and say that’s it, finished, but now that argument they have with themselves over retiring at a certain age, has a few new influencing factors they have to take into consideration.

The major factor the older drivers can now consider, is how the sport has been taking strides to make it very safe for all. Many innovative ideas have come to play and are proving to help the drivers sustain a major crash with less impact to their bodies. We all have seen some pretty grueling wrecks and it’s amazing at how the drivers more and more are walking away from them. With the changes in the cars, the addition of the Hans device and the advent of the safer barriers, along with many other safety rules and implementations, drivers can take the added safety into account when making that retirement decision now.

The older you get the more mortal we all start to feel, no matter what it is that we do for a living or otherwise. We are reminded even by NASCAR sponsors to eat right, watch our health and keep fit. So if a driver does all that and stays both mentally sharp, physically fit and the safety factors keep increasing the way they are, will the older veterans become more willing to stay in it a little longer? Will they have a little more fun and show the young ones they still got it and maybe win a cup, over the hot young rookies?

I placed my wager that Mark Martin would win another race before he retired and I bet that in the future we will see the average age of drivers increasing over the years, and as long as they have the desire and the health to do it, I hope they do.

So look out all you young guns cause Gramp’s not only has the skill, but he still has a trick or two left up his sleeve and has been waiting for the right time to use them.



Writing vs. Tweeting

April 20, 2009 1 comment

Well I have been on Twitter now for a week or so and I can absolutely say without a doubt, that they have found a niche and have ran with it. I feel that’s great for anyone when that happens because it usually involves something new or a newer version of something older, but just modified to make it more likable. But whatever the case if it is like by many, than it must have been needed.

My question is do I truly need it. I have found it to be a neat thing and very unusual to say the least. There are many people on it who are very important, famous or just plain have that charisma to get millions of followers. Twitter is promoted as a place to keep up with friends and families, but I do this by phone and e-mail on a frequent enough basis to satisfy my knowledge of at least everyone I am concerned about.

Now some of the news agencies or other organizations who use it that tweet their latest stuff, usually have feeds to subscribe to also, so I haven’t found a real need to use it in that aspect. Except maybe for following people and organizations without feeds or sites, I think it’s great but still yet not something that I’m going to spend a lot of time doing.

I kind of also find it unfair that I didn’t tweet more. I think that my small group of followers deserve more and I often at times found it very inconvenient to take time from what I was doing to Tweet about it. I will also include the excitation factor of someone similar to me, just a regular guy, versus someone famous. Hands down they would be much more exciting to follow and that’s that. I was following someone who the site recommended when I signed on who I think was a big star and her tweets were much more interesting than mine will ever be.

Maybe  it’s the friend factor of the whole thing that people like, but I have always felt in my life that a real tangible friend that I can see, talk to and visit whenever I feel like,  is much different than friends I have never met and have only communicated with by computer. They can not be placed in the same group and to do that would be unfair to them. They can’t come running to help you lift something into the house where as the others can. So they are both necessary to fulfill that ring of friendships you have. In my lifetime I have learned that true friendships are not made or chased,  if they are meant to happen then they will, without going out of your way to get them. So the making friends part doesn’t appeal to me either.

I have noticed something else in the very short span of tweeting. When I used to have ideas flash in for things to write about, they were frequent and full ideas. I just had to sit down and put the words onto pages and there it would be, complete and finished. Now after training my thought process to word things into a short hundred or so letters for the time I tweeted, I find less full ideas for stories popping in and am having a harder time of saying fully just what it is that I’m trying to convey. I was trying so hard to come up with cool tweets that it started to affect my writing in that manner.

Overall though, I applaud you for becoming something that is very necessary to many people here in the old U.S. of A. and I recommend highly that everyone take the time to sign up and Tweet a few times or so, because it’s fun and you never know who will become one of your followers. But watch out, the fun just might become addictive.