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NBC’S Brian Williams gets Cronkite Award, Go Figure.

Brian Williams gets the coveted Walter Cronkite award. Well who else would get it really. Come on, I mean the guy only looks like a dead ringer for the guy he replaced, Tom Brokaw, and we all know who he was. Mr. Williams is already in the rankings of the professionals who go down in history anyway, so can he write? This you can tell from his ever increasing pay check, so one knows that the guy can write and he is in the professional ranks, already making a mighty fine living doing just that, writing.

Now I will be the first in line to congratulate anyone on an award they won. Heck, when the neighbor kid comes over to the fence while I’m talking to his parents and blurts out “Hey I got an award today for listening in class”, I am always quick to respond with enthusiasm “Wow That’s Great Johnny, Good Job and Keep Up the Good Work”, then I finish listening to the parent about how the kid usually gets detention in class for not listening. So as I said before I will congratulate anyone on a job well done!

There is only one thing in this case that bugs me. I feel that a man, that well paid to do the job he was hired for, should do exactly that and depending on the importance or pay scale, they should remain at award level through out their careers. Only if they discover plutonium or something like that should they receive an award for doing what should be expected of them and are paid well to do. Although when you come right down to it you don’t see to many awards given down from a higher level to the level below and it’s a shame that Mr. Cronkite’s award doesn’t work that way. The way a real award is meant to inspire someone to continue on to the next level.

Could you imagine the look on someone’s face who isn’t paid 6 or 7 figures a year to write, if they received an award from someone such as Mr. Cronkite for something they wrote somewhere. Wow what that would do to inspire someone to continue towards their goal of becoming a famous writer.

I guess that the real meaning of an award has been forgotten in this country and you see so many awards given out to people who are already in the class that is giving out the award. We use to get a star on our forehead if we did something good and the goal behind the star was to motivate you to a new level of expectation. So we continue through life getting stars from the people who are already at or beyond the level of what we are trying to achieve.

Then one mysterious day we finally do achieve the final award for what we have been striving for all of our adult lives and this award is what gives us the right to hang up our shingle on the career we chose and continue on from there, earning more equal level awards from others before us in the same class as professionals.

So we continue on cutting million dollar records or doing miraculous brain surgeries or whatever we chose to do until we are the best in the business and no one tops us, and our walls are lined with equal level awards from other equals in our group. Now we continue on course, until one day we discover something that is so dramatic, that it wins The Nobel Peace Prize. The highest prize that is ever given out to anyone, journalists included and in order to get it, what you discovered has to be pretty darn spectacular at the minimum. If what we do does not fit into that prize category, then we are given the Pulitzer Prize or highest prize for the category we are in. Once given this prize you are at the top, you can go no further and have passed up all the equal level awards you achieved, to step to the highest level of all.

What should happen all through out, is every step you achieve in a professional manner, should make you the new judge of the people below you who are trying to make it to the level you are at. One reward for each level or step you achieve and thats it, finished, until you are awarded to the next level by the ones that have already received the award for that next level.

So the next time you are involved in any type of reward creation or decision, just remember that it should go to someone below you. Someone who hasn’t achieved the reward for the level you are at, or it may not be much of a reward after all. Just a letter of acknowledgment from the group you are in, telling the new guy awarded your level to step in line behind you to wait for the next levels award. But be forewarned that many who have been graciously accepted to a level they have already achieved, have gone on to surpass the award level of those who graciously accepted them in line.

Now that we know what an award should be about it kind of clears the air a little bit for the awards that we see given out on a regular basis in this country. So the next time you see someone getting an award, look at it real close to see if it is truly an award or if it just an invite to the level they have already achieved by someone who is already there.

So Walter Cronkite welcomes Brian Williams to the level of journalistic excellence he himself has achieved.

Now get to work Brian because you have a few more awards to win, to prove you are up to Walters standards. Then you can go for the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Peace Prize, so good work and good luck.


View more about Walter Cronkite, this exceptional journalist at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Cronkite

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