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Hey Governor Schwarzeneeger, Tent City is The Last Real American Community?

Hey Governor,

I happen to catch a couple of stories about Tent City in California. Have you heard about it? Well I guess it’s the last place that many people are going after loosing their homes. I am not sure in California exactly where it’s at, but it’s the last place that many have to go. Now guess what I heard on the last story. They are going to evict those people when most have no where to go. The only thing they have is a tent, their clothes and some of their last possessions they could carry.

What is going on in this country, that we would evict someone who is already homeless. I thought this was America. Yea, if they are just a bunch of bums then sweep them to the curb as we do daily in this country, otherwise shouldn’t just a little of the bailout money go towards finding these poor unfortunate souls some shelter and three meals a day minimum until they can get back on their feet again. They will get through it, I know they will because they are Americans. How could we let this happen in a former country of Prosperity. I can only feel for those poor souls and for the many that are yet to experience the worst thing they will probably go through in their lives, while on American soil we throw them out like trash, instead of helping them through a rough situation.

If we have ever thought America wasn’t quite the place it was supposed to be, yea you know, the Land of Opportunity, of thee we sing, then hold on because it’s becoming something we always hoped it would never become.

Can you turn to your neighbor, really, for help like they did in the old barn raising days? Probably not. When you are broke down do more people stop to help you like the old days or do the majority just keep going? They stop alright, but not usually with good intension. When you loose your home will the community rally to find you a temporary place so you can get on your feet like before, not many. So there you have it and kicking those people out of their tents without giving them all some place to stay is the end of it all. Those people help each other out the way it used to be. They are a community of individual citizens down on their luck.

So let’s just keep on giving money to the bank’s and big business and forget about the kind and helpful ways of the past, where people helped people and that my friends, used to be the definition of an American community. I have this sick feeling that it will be the last true community that ever existed in America, unless something is done immediately to help them, like leaving them alone or doing something for them, which would mean that there is at least one other community besides theirs that’s left after all.


If anyone sees more news about Tent City, please let everyone know what you saw. If you hear of other Tent cities anywhere in America please let everyone know. The only way they will ever get help is if others know that they are there. It could also give someone a temporary place to go when they can’t find help at local shelters.

Just one more question, Where are the Red Cross and the Salvation Army while all this is going on?

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