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Does anyone realize and that includes all the officials of the government, exactly how bad it is getting in America. I guess like the old saying goes, no one will really no until they’ve been there and I’m not talking about just a visit, either. But a visit may help a little.

Now I don’t think that any of the high politicians will ever end up at Tent City, but one thing is for sure. They each and every one need to be led through tent city so that they can get just a little perspective of how bad it is really getting in this great nation of ours. They can look at the numbers of homeless, jobless, unemployed, people in the country but they don’t hear the cries screaming out from numbers on the page for help. There they will hear it. So there they sit not having to worry about their next meal, their home for the next day, or anything else except pages full of numbers and how much they will have to tell their grandkids about how bad it was for everyone in America during this time period.

Bad for everyone my a–, there are people out there that have not yet begun to even feel just a little compassion from all the stories they see in the news and probably never will, because they are immune from it. Stuck in their pages of data and telling everyone else just how bad it is in the 2nd quarter when we were already past that point.

When is anyone going to stand up and help us. How many people have to loose their jobs and their homes, everything they ever worked for, before they start to sympathize with the pain from millions who are going through tough times right now.

The words; tough times, hard times, economic slowdown, recession, depression, all have certain meanings but not a single one of them is able to express to others just how many people are hurting and how bad it really is for millions out here right at this very moment. You are warm sitting in front of your computer reading this and I am also writing this, but those descriptive words we hear daily do not let us feel the cold wind blowing around those people and the hunger pains that each one is experiencing at this very moment in time. While we sit here full and warm, millions of others are out there now due to no blame of their own, hungry and cold and in the elements. Can any of you feel that. I am destined soon to be out there also and frankly, it scares the hell out of me.

I learned a long time ago that the world does not revolve around me. Other people matter also and at times will matter more than I do. I guess it will take someone who really matters most of the time, to get in a tough situation and for them to express just how bad it is to those that don’t yet feel it. Then maybe the help will start to come to all that have suffered for so long already and prevent any more from suffering any longer.

To Be Continued


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