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The Forgotten Society.

The forgotten society, will they ever be helped or just forgotten. The people that I am referring to are the people who are out of work and have exhausted their unemployment and have not found a job as of yet. There is a whole group of people who fit this category already and many more thousands to be added. But when will anything be done to help them or the people who have gone from that category to the next one, loss of their homes.

I hear daily of all kinds of new plans and incentives being given to all the people who are still working. From tax cuts which is giving them bigger pay checks, to refinancing their mortgages which is saving them thousands per year on their homes. Great I feel that everyone in America who has been affected by the economy should be given some help, but that’s just my point, everyone who has been affected, not just certain groups.

What the hell is wrong with the people who’s jobs were cut first, compared to the ones that are in line with their jobs still being decided upon. I don’t feel there is any difference between these people. When a line forms for anything then anybody from the first to the last person in that line should get fair and equal treatment right?

So what is going on with all the help for the ones who haven’t quite gone under yet and nothing for all the people who have been led to the cliff and pushed off already. Is this the right thing to happen here in America when even the first to loose their jobs are equal to the others and when you factor all the hours and pay for the two categories you will find that the only difference between any group of people who loose their jobs is the time that they got their pink slip and the day they started to collect unemployment, period and nothing else.

So why then are they being forgotten about. Why will we let them suffer for the rest of their lives as being the first out and never offered any help like others who became unfortunate after them or others who just experienced a few cuts in their household budget to get by but never lost a dime.

These people have lost everything and most have lost their homes and credit too. They will be affected much longer than anyone who went through this and will experience hard times for a much longer period of their lives than most . So where is their help Damn-it. These poor souls won’t have a mortgage, much less at a lower cost, for a heck of a long time, with their bad credit they have now, so wouldn’t it be the right thing to do.

They have lost homes, they have lost neighbors, they have lost family times, they have lost their pride, they have lost, their dignity, they have had to go to food shelters to eat, they have had to give up their cars because they can’t afford insurance or gas or car payments, they have lost everything that living in America has stood for over all these years and just because the help came a little later than they lost everything, they are to be forgotten about forever.

Many of these people were your co-workers, your neighbors, your friends, your team mates, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, your pals, your buddies, etc, and they were lawyers, police officers, janitors, bosses, administrative assistants, mechanics, construction workers, laborers, firemen, fisherman, repairmen, electricians etc.. They held the same positions as many others who almost lost their jobs. So just forget about them all and I will tell you what, you have just created a new portion of society that will be the most resentful and as bitter as they can be.

Charity begins at home, or at least it should and it should cover everybody. We jump on a normal day as a Nation to donate funds to countries experiencing natural disasters and other major problems like war and such, when there is usually a group of people right here in the country that could use the help. But we as Americans can just turn a blind eye to the people here who have lost everything due to this economic war or crisis or disaster, whatever you want to call it. This country has always had a way of looking good by giving and each time they do, you hear many people complaining about how they need to start giving to those hurting right here in America, and this is a good example the Nation turning a blind eye on their own citizens that could use help once again.

Put yourself in their position and try to feel what they must be feeling right now and then imagine not getting any help at all and having your whole future messed up as well, while everyone below you is getting helped to get by and they are getting all of the breaks that will not be offered to you by the time you get your life straight again. I would imagine that this could turn a few people mad at the least, but if we were to find these people and help them get back on their feet without bad credit and replacing a few of the things they had, helping them back towards the level they were at before they became the unfortunate first group to go off the cliff, then we as Americans could sleep at night knowing that we take care of our own and that means everyone, even the forgotten society.


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