The World Series of Business, Who’s on Your Team?

Credit, good or bad, poor or fair, we all have it. It follows us just like a well worn shoe, keeping up with us with every step. Credit is a record that lending institutions use to determine if you are worthy of a loan. It is a record of some of your past transactions up to the present date. What this shows is how you repay your debts.

All lenders request to be given access to your credit information when you try to borrow money. Another place that may seek out this information is a future job prospect. All in all the only people who should have access to your credit report is the ones that you give access to.

Now what does this show and to whom does it show it. Since it reflects how well you borrow and repay debts, it shows a track record of just that. But lets dig down a little further. Does it show just why a transaction happened the way it did. No not unless you can get a notation put in to explain it. I am not a wall street guru or a slap jack lawyer but I do know that credit reports are usually very hard to modify, unless you have some big money to pay someone to do it.

Since a credit report is just what it is, then why are people like employers trying to read into them like a crystal ball, to find out who is really worth hiring. You can logic out all the reasons possible to say why they pick someone with good credit over someone with bad credit. But the fact still remains that both the candidates have the same skills, education and training, so why pick the one with good credit. To say they have anything up on the one with bad credit is just that and nothing else, unless you examine the factors behind both parties credit scores.

The one with good credit could have been lead through most of their lives by their hand and told every move to make to get good credit. Now they may be at a point where they have lost their guide and are on their own living with their own decisions. They are destined for trouble without their helper, and now may be doomed to having bad credit from that day forward. The other person may have been on their own and learned things the hard way to pull their selves up to a good credit level and will soon be hit by bad times killing their credit.

My point is, you do not know why a persons credit is like it is unless you ask them directly and that’s that. There are many fine people who have been passed up for a position due to the scores and to not find out why, is not only unfair but it is causing employers to loose out on a lot of good people who may have been more loyal and do the job better than the one with good credit.

You see credit is not the window to the soul. The overall makeup of who you are and what kind of a person you are, not only in your daily life but your working career as well, can not be told by your credit report. Not even a little, because their are factors above and beyond the report that influenced how it would be written. So to judge a person by that is absurd only unless it would show a repetitive track record, but then you would still be minus the facts behind why it is like it is.

Most business men who run their corporations run them on the facts. Many will not let even a thought be said without first having the cold hard facts on the topic at hand. So why then would they look at a credit report and make a snap judgment about who to hire for a major position, without first gathering the facts as to why the report says what it does? This is totally backwards from the way they do business daily. So I guess that the ones using this data are not the bosses and if they are letting their subordinates use data like this for major decisions on who is worthy of being hired, then I guess they are not running their companies after all, but turning a blind eye to what goes on behind them as long as there is a profit.

This leads me to my point that anyone in charge of any hiring for a company that would judge the applicant by their credit score, without having the information behind how the score came to be and what the person is intending to do about it, should be reprimanded for doing an incomplete job. How many good people have they lost for their companies over the years and here’s just one more quick thought for you.

If you hire only all people with good credit, how many are destined to loose that status while working there. Bringing down the companies average employee score overall.

But if you hire a good solid mixed average, you can bet that they will help each other and the overall average will become higher and more solid at the second company, because it grows as the people grow into the company.

Sorta like a major league team with a bunch of rookies and some veteran players to lead the way. I know they will reach the World Series some day, but will your company ever reach it by using those kind of credit score hiring practices.

You be the umpire and call it fairly Mr. Owner! Now get out there and recruit some good old boys who had some hard times with their credit and maybe we will see you at the next World Series.


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