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Electric Cars – Saving America, One Family at a Time.

I have just come up with the most ingenious idea yet.

With all the talk and hype about electric vehicles and the fact that they will lead us out of this economic catastrophe, why don’t we spend a little of the stimulus money to buy each family that has lost their home, a brand new electric vehicle, just for them, so they will have somewhere to live. They will probably park it and just use the interior lights but in either case they would have to recharge them.

Workers will be needed to make the cars and workers will be needed to put in chargers for the cars all over the place. Horray for the Manufacturers and skilled labor. The cars will then have to be charged and this is where the electric car stimulus really gets rolling. Think of all the small businesses needed to make wire and cables for the cords to charge them with, suppliers rejoice.

This will cause the health industry to flourish and lawyers as well, with all the broken legs and ankles from people tripping over the cords. Just think how this will give a boost to the legal system as well with all those cases to handle.

Now that the legal system is working again, they will need more clerical workers than ever and the best part is they will be using their computers and printers a lot. This will give not only a boost to silicon valley but clear up to the paper mills, tree cutters and lumberjacks in the forests, as well as the fishermen in Alaska and off the coast of Maine.

Fishermen you say, absolutely because those lumberjacks sure can eat and they eat good like lawyers and administrative assistants. So restaurants be on notice because of all the food they will eat or order out for lunches.

This finally brings help to the farmers who will have to lease or buy back the land that they had to sell, so they can grow the food to help feed all the people who are working again. A last Horaah.

So now the tractor places and the banks get busy also. Heck ya the banks, they need to hold the loans for the land and the tractors, they aren’t cheep you know. Besides the farmers don’t have much money.

So we could go round and round on how one thing would help another but there’s just one last thing———–

Who will pay for the charging of those free electric cars for those homeless families, that don’t have jobs, so that the electric car bailout will get moving. They sure can’t!

Oh well I guess if the families don’t have jobs, then my electric car bail out idea won’t work after all.

Hey at least I tried, and I’m loosing mine too, but if we still can’t muster up even a little smile in our situations then forget it because we have been beat down too far already———-



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