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Job Sites, are they Getting Gready in a time of Pain.

There are millions of people who used to be productive members of society and a necessary part of the function of their companies, who no longer have a job and are forced to find another by using any available method they can find.

One of the better known methods is a job site. These are sites that usually make a minimal amount of money for offering you their services and in a lot of cases their service is free.

But I have noticed a trend that is growing among some of these sites, the new ones in particular and I think that with the amount of people out there right now who need these sites, they are starting to capitalize on that need factor and are starting to offer less free help and more help that will cost you. Many new and creative features are being implemented that require you to pay for what you got for free before. These new features branch off of their old service and expand whatever it was to the new degree of becoming a whole new service to offer if you will pay for it.

Just two things that stand out, remain the fact that they are serving the unemployed and things haven’t gotten any better yet, here in our country. You following me with this.

So why would companies set out to make more money, especially from those that can’t afford it in the first place. These people are looking for a Job so they can pay their Bills, and you are trying to get more out of what they have left to live on and at the time when they need the most help. Hugh I never thought that was part of the American Dream of becoming a business owner before. Now everyone knows times are bad in the country and for millions of people right now they are the worst they have ever been. So why would any fine outstanding company do this, especially at the time they can help people the most.

Implement your new services later on when things get better, if you give a darn about the country that you are doing business in. Stand up for your right to do business and with fair practices for all, but don’t stand here in the country that lets you conduct your business and turn around and take advantage of the bad times and the unfortunate people who are in the same country suffering unlike yourself. That will never be the American way. If we as a people do not still have a say in things that go on around us, that take advantage of our friends and the ones we love, then we will no longer be able to refer to this Great Country as America, The Home of The Free and The Land of the Brave.


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