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Tool rentals, Get with the new century.

Why haven’t the tool rental places thought enough to put together package deals on tool rentals yet?

You rent a lawn irrigator, then you could use the power rake and the fertilizer spreader. If they would rent these as package deals they would not only be helping out the homeowner but they wouldn’t have to try to remember to suggest the other items as well.

You set a package price that combines the individual rental prices and then discount the package rental 10 or 15%. Your customers get a small printed job instruction booklet detailing the steeps involving each tool and you make more money. Your rental percentage goes up and then the mother company is happy, everybody wins.

You could get as creative as you want and have packages of tools ready with booklets for the many different homeowner do-it-yourself projects, with pages depicting when to use each tool in the process. Spectacular, the homeowner gets all the right tools for the job and a booklet depicting each step of the project and each each tool used, plus they get a little discount for renting the package. This ends up with a win win for everyone and a bunch of happy customers who were afraid to ask, but the package with the booklet and all the proper tools saved them.

You will also sell more store merchandise as well, because the jobs booklets will promote old and new products and the suggested supplies to do it right. No more trips back to the store because you forgot something small like sandpaper, or to get a tool you needed. It’s all on the list in the booklet. Just rent the tool package, shop for your supplies on the list in the booklet and then go home and have some good old fashioned I did it myself fun. There is not much that’s as satisfying as being able to tell everyone that you did it yourself!

So the next time you rent tools for a job remember to ask them if they have any package deals with instructions!

Lowes, Home Depot and the others, are you listening! Because your Customers have Spoken.


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