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Photographs for Fun and Money.

With the Digital camera, things have changed dramatically over the days of 35 millimeter film. The good thing is most everyone either has one or has access to one. So get out there and take some pictures. Take pictures of everything and anything you come across. You can even set up or “Stage” pictures you want to take. You do that by placing objects together in a scene to shoot from various angles, then take some shots. It’s sort of like grouping people for a picture but using objects instead and putting them together in a creative fashion. I once took a girls high school picture and stood it up in the middle of a high gloss table. Then I took a small clip on soft bear, (you squeezed him and he opened his arms to clip onto things) and clipped him to the bottom right side of the picture so that it looked like he was hugging the her arm. To finish the scene I laid a small flower across the bottom of the picture. I framed the picture close with no background showing and I must have taken 20 shots all from different angles. The pictures came out great and with the new additions to a plain old high school graduation picture the new picture was liked by everyone. There is a ton of stuff you can do to make picture taking fun just make sure you carry your camera and spares,  like batteries and memory cards with you. Once you get the bug you will be shooting up a storm.

O.K. now that you are shooting shots of everything and anything, you need to start looking at all the photographic magazines, publications and articles, even on the internet. In these you will find an array of shows and contests.

Now the real fun begins. Enter some, ya you heard me right, enter some. Try to stay away from any that charge a fee unless you research them and find out they are legit. Follow all the rules and make all the deadlines and you may win some money or a prize. Even just waiting to hear the results gives you something to look forward to. It’s fun and a major stress reliever also.  Don’t forget the photo shows and art shows and when you go take a small portfolio of a few of your prize shots and show them to the people you talk with about their pictures. Anything could happen by doing that, from selling a photo you took,  or being offered a job, to meeting your future spouse. Wow all that from taking a few measly pictures, who would of thought it.


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