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Mark Martin, A Veteran, A Winner, and The Start of a Trend?

Veteran NASCAR Driver Mark Martin, after having a long string of races, sometimes with some not so happy finishes, has keep up the fight and has become one of the oldest drivers to win a NASCAR Race. I am darn happy to see it. I would like him to stay in it as long as he feels he can do it and NASCAR signs his racing license.

So what I am wondering, is in the future will we start to see some older veterans staying in the sport and enjoying it longer. Veterans and their perspective rookies, mixing it up, for the fun of it, bumper to bumper. Spectacular.

Now we all know that there comes a time when a driver would weigh out all the consequences of racing another season and say that’s it, finished, but now that argument they have with themselves over retiring at a certain age, has a few new influencing factors they have to take into consideration.

The major factor the older drivers can now consider, is how the sport has been taking strides to make it very safe for all. Many innovative ideas have come to play and are proving to help the drivers sustain a major crash with less impact to their bodies. We all have seen some pretty grueling wrecks and it’s amazing at how the drivers more and more are walking away from them. With the changes in the cars, the addition of the Hans device and the advent of the safer barriers, along with many other safety rules and implementations, drivers can take the added safety into account when making that retirement decision now.

The older you get the more mortal we all start to feel, no matter what it is that we do for a living or otherwise. We are reminded even by NASCAR sponsors to eat right, watch our health and keep fit. So if a driver does all that and stays both mentally sharp, physically fit and the safety factors keep increasing the way they are, will the older veterans become more willing to stay in it a little longer? Will they have a little more fun and show the young ones they still got it and maybe win a cup, over the hot young rookies?

I placed my wager that Mark Martin would win another race before he retired and I bet that in the future we will see the average age of drivers increasing over the years, and as long as they have the desire and the health to do it, I hope they do.

So look out all you young guns cause Gramp’s not only has the skill, but he still has a trick or two left up his sleeve and has been waiting for the right time to use them.




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