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Writing vs. Tweeting

Well I have been on Twitter now for a week or so and I can absolutely say without a doubt, that they have found a niche and have ran with it. I feel that’s great for anyone when that happens because it usually involves something new or a newer version of something older, but just modified to make it more likable. But whatever the case if it is like by many, than it must have been needed.

My question is do I truly need it. I have found it to be a neat thing and very unusual to say the least. There are many people on it who are very important, famous or just plain have that charisma to get millions of followers. Twitter is promoted as a place to keep up with friends and families, but I do this by phone and e-mail on a frequent enough basis to satisfy my knowledge of at least everyone I am concerned about.

Now some of the news agencies or other organizations who use it that tweet their latest stuff, usually have feeds to subscribe to also, so I haven’t found a real need to use it in that aspect. Except maybe for following people and organizations without feeds or sites, I think it’s great but still yet not something that I’m going to spend a lot of time doing.

I kind of also find it unfair that I didn’t tweet more. I think that my small group of followers deserve more and I often at times found it very inconvenient to take time from what I was doing to Tweet about it. I will also include the excitation factor of someone similar to me, just a regular guy, versus someone famous. Hands down they would be much more exciting to follow and that’s that. I was following someone who the site recommended when I signed on who I think was a big star and her tweets were much more interesting than mine will ever be.

Maybe  it’s the friend factor of the whole thing that people like, but I have always felt in my life that a real tangible friend that I can see, talk to and visit whenever I feel like,  is much different than friends I have never met and have only communicated with by computer. They can not be placed in the same group and to do that would be unfair to them. They can’t come running to help you lift something into the house where as the others can. So they are both necessary to fulfill that ring of friendships you have. In my lifetime I have learned that true friendships are not made or chased,  if they are meant to happen then they will, without going out of your way to get them. So the making friends part doesn’t appeal to me either.

I have noticed something else in the very short span of tweeting. When I used to have ideas flash in for things to write about, they were frequent and full ideas. I just had to sit down and put the words onto pages and there it would be, complete and finished. Now after training my thought process to word things into a short hundred or so letters for the time I tweeted, I find less full ideas for stories popping in and am having a harder time of saying fully just what it is that I’m trying to convey. I was trying so hard to come up with cool tweets that it started to affect my writing in that manner.

Overall though,

Twitter.com I applaud you for becoming something that is very necessary to many people here in the old U.S. of A. and I recommend highly that everyone take the time to sign up and Tweet a few times or so, because it’s fun and you never know who will become one of your followers. But watch out, the fun just might become addictive.


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