One Year Protection Plans for New Car Buyers.

I know that this don’t sound like too bad of a deal, but before you buy you better weigh the facts.

Many people who have been laid off are highly skilled professionals. I don’t know the numbers because no one has studied this so far, but I have heard enough.

Many of these people have been out of work for more than a year now and a lot had to actually change to another field or get more schooling to find work.

Do you think things are getting better already? If you do and you are so secure in your position, as to bet your good credit on the fact that you will land a job in your field before the 1 year protection plan runs out, then go ahead because it is a good deal for you.

Personally, the way things are looking right now, I know I wouldn’t risk my credit on those kind of stakes, unless they would agree to cancel the loan with no repercussions to my credit if after a year I was still jobless.

Take it from myself and other professionals out here who have been jobless now for over 8 months or better, that you could end up in a mess with a deal like that. Hey if your car is decent then just hold onto it until you hear for at least three consecutive months, that the national unemployment rate has dropped and then go find a good deal.

The deals will still be out there and maybe you will end up with a new car that is fresh off the assembly line again like they used to be , instead of one that has sat on a storage lot for months in the harsh weather, that had to be jump started because the battery was dead from sitting.

I want the economy and all the companies to rebound more than anyone, because I’m loosing it all too. But for the auto companies to offer an incentive like that in these especially shaky times, selling products that have sat to long already and still yet wanting top dollar for them, is not to good a deal any way you look at it.

You be the judge on this one and oh yea, I don’t have a battery charger, but ask the guy down the street with the new car because I think he had to buy one. That’s if he hasn’t sold the charger already for food because, he’s since lost his job and now he’s loosing his house and his car. Go Figure That!



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