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Government scares hundreds, for a picture.

My Gosh, what were they thinking when they planned a costly, poorly communicated, unintelligent, photo shoot that would amount to an extremely sad and hurtful April fools joke, if that’s what they had only meant it to be. It was on the same level as yelling “Fire” in a crowded movie theater, or mentioning “something you shouldn’t” while in school or on an airplane. Actions that would definitely get anyone in trouble if they did them. There are laws against these types of actions now days,  laws that you would have to face. But will they.

Imagine this, someone in our government somehow decides that we need a new photo of one of the Air Force One 747 jets, using the Statue of Liberty as a Background in the photo. So on a crisp blue Monday Morning as New York city awakens, workers are starting their days at their desks, high above the ground in all of the sky scrapers around the site of the World Trade Center Attacks on 9-11.  They decide to send the 747 and a fighter jet with a photographer aboard, to do a few low, fly-by passes near the statue, so they can get some good shots to show how they are better spending taxpayer money these days during the recession.

Now, unless you have a way to notify a complete city, full of workers, business travelers, visitors and tourists, that you are planning to do this and you better make darn sure there will not be one person in the city that doesn’t know, then I don’t think it is sounds like such a good idea to do.

The news coverage on Monday 4-27-09 told of the panic that it caused and of the hundreds of people that ran out of the buildings, into the streets when they heard the planes pass by at such a low altitude. Go figure, would anyone living in America who remembers the attack on 9-11 be expected to react differently, I don’t think so.

So what happened? Why didn’t they let everyone know?  The authorities they did let know, were told not to let anyone else know! Even still, how could they miss the fact that they should tell the cities inhabitant’s? Doing that without letting the people know was similar to tripping the big red handle that says “Pull In case of Fire”, only for a major metropolitan city and all at the same time.  How could the reaction of the people possibly have been overlooked?  I don’t know. Maybe poor communication or a lack of technology is to blame.

We are in an age where kids in T.V. commercials are proudly proclaiming to the world , that they are very young and with their computers and their digital cameras they are busy cropping, cutting and pasting, making photos, movies, and posters just for fun.

In this day and time we have computers and professionals in movie studios, who can make a giant space ship hover over Washington D.C.. Why then,  if they needed a shot of a plane flying past a monument that is located in a critical area with restricted air space regulations, wouldn’t they realize that they can have a picture or a whole movie made, without actually flying the plane past the statue at all, thus eliminating the need to think of possibly scaring anybody.

When the president brought his Blackberry to Washington with him, they had to make many changes before he could use it. Now combine that issue with the photo issue and it kind of leaves America wondering a bit about how technologically advanced our government really is, or is it possible that technology isn’t keeping up with the pace that the government really needs? Could that be the reason for the apparent lack of technological use or the apparent lack of communication that caused this to happen?

I guess as citizens these are questions that will remain unanswered to us, but probably heavily looked at by the government. Will technological advancements be made in the future to prevent this type of thing from happening again? We will never know.

One thing we do know, is that the area is restricted air space and for a good reason. There are rules set that explain how to use it and lists of who needs to be notified of exceptions, if there are requests for them, and the people should be on the list also, in certain circumstances. Now if we can get them to follow rules and laws like we as citizens are expected, then this whole thing would never have happened. Period.


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