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Marabel, I cry for you but who will hear me?

Marabel,—————————-I cry for you –
Marabel,———————————— no one hears me, I am sorry.
Rest in Peace, Dear Forgotten Soul

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UPDATE. Marabel was finally laid to rest after contacts were made with her remaining relatives in Florida. She had a grave site waiting for her next to her parents. A small funeral was held for her and attended by those who were touched by her story and never knew her. She now rests in peace.

This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard of. To think that it reflects what our society has become, should be a wake up call to everyone or anyone here on earth who still has or knows the word, compassion.



It comes in a small jar at your local grocer. What it is, is a mixture of pizza sauce, (I prefer the original style, they have different flavors) with spices that you spread on a slice of white bread and then toast in an oven or a toaster oven.  Toast until the bottom of the bread is just firm and not really toasted, unless you like your pizza crunchy. Let them cool slightly, (so you don’t get pizza mouth) then enjoy.

Kids love them because it’s like having a mini pizza with each slice. You can even get some grated cheese, sliced peperoni and some of your other favorite toppings to spread on them, to add to their fun and taste.

The kids will eat them up!  It’s great  at a small birthday party (buy several jars, but it’s still way cheaper than real pizza).  Help the kids put the toppings on their own slices and show them how to make funny faces with the toppings. Then you heat them for the kids and serve them. That way they get to build and eat their own little pizzas. Remember sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most fun and most remembered.

A jar is only around two or three bucks depending where you shop and should make about a dozen or so slices, depending on how thick you spread the sauce.

It’s a quick and cheep meal or even a great Bednight Snack. Not great nutritional value so don’t serve too frequently. But it’s just like mini pizzas and they say pizza has all the good stuff you need.

So Enjoy. Just add four pepperonis and light cheese to mine please! And by the way I like mine lightly toasted. 🙂


The Correct or Incorrect Job, Public Weatherperson

In the age of supercomputers and the internet, good old mother nature still throws curve balls, constantly.

With the help of computers, weather has become much more easy to track and follow, short term, but it seems as though it hasn’t become any easier to predict much past a day or two.

We watch the five day or weekly forecasts and make our plans to do outdoor things on the days that will be nice. One says rain, the other says sun. Now as the chosen days approach, the forecast starts to go south. When the selected period is almost upon us, guess what, you wont be doing anything outside now, because the forecast  has changed completely from days ago. Good or bad, it works both ways, because rainy days will turn to nice ones also. So they have not successfully predicted the weather for the period, but what they did succeed at, is tracking the weather and correcting the forecast, to fit the day and time for our area.

Name any other real 9 to 5 job, where you don’t always have to be correct in what you are doing. Sure, everyone makes mistakes in what they do, but hopefully not as frequently as mother nature changes her outcome for the weatherpeople. If any other person working a 9 to 5 job was wrong in what they did up to 50% or more of the time, they wouldn’t be working very long at all.

We all know weather can and will change, so we naturally don’t pin it on the weatherperson very hard at all. It really isn’t a bad career choice, if you are employed in forecasting for the public and not for NASA or businesses where weather is not only critical but also noted as having been foretasted correctly or not.

You can be a weather forecaster for TV, radio, news papers, internet news, etc., and make a very good career of it without having to be correct all the time, or worry about being fired just for making a simple mistake. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to do the job that they expect, getting it done on time and with all of the skill and knowledge of a professional, of which you will have studied many years to become.

So it’s not all peaches and creame, but if you do the job well and give it your best shot, then you probably won’t get fired if it rains on your bosses golf outing.


The Rising Trend of Military Suicide.

Check out the stats at  Suicide is on the increase for all ages and groups with the military leading the stats.

Suicide is something as complex as each and every individual who attempts it. There will always be some people who make this choice in society and it will never end completely, because we are human. That’s the key and the suicide prevention lines and groups are hitting close to the answer. Unfortunately you can lead a thirsty horse to water but you can’t make it drink, is true. All of the options to bypass the tragedy, by having others intervene at the critical moment are a good start and some will opt to take it, but many do not.

Now lets just say you start training the horse to go to the water and get a drink before it is full grown. So when the horse grows up and you lead him to the water when he is thirsty, he will be more likely to drink. Parents and educators have less time than ever before to prepare our kids for the real world. So why not give them some education about real life, while they are in high school. Teach them about all the things they will experience in their lifetimes and give them the information they will need to get through the critical times in life and make the correct choices. Show them all of the options there are, for help with issues that will plague them.

Teach these young adults all of the difficult things that they may experience in their lives, and teach them all of their options for getting through them. Lay out their choices and let them know that you can get through even the toughest of things if you know what your options are. Show them all of their avenues they have to get help with each and every option, because there are many for each problem. Give examples of how others got through each and every problem and where they turned for help.

They teach classes such as sex ed and psychology in high school but they never prepare you to move on past the safe haven of those high school walls into the real world. College is the next stop and it is all about learning your career so you can get out and live life only to run into those obsticles. The training to help people make the correct choices and get help with the problems they will face in life is missing in todays educational system. Untill it is taught and reinforced by all educators and parents across America, the rate will continue to fluctuate as it does now.


FREE Government Cell Phone by SAFELINK WIRELESS, for Low Income.

The government and Tracfone – (Safelink Wireless) have stepped up to the plate and hit a homer with this one.

You get a basic, free cell phone complete with a wall charger and they supply you with a certain amount of roll over minutes per month, every month, to use as you wish. All Free and No Contracts Involved.

You can also buy extra minutes on a phone card, sold at local convince stores, shopping centers and many gas stations to add more time to the phone if you ever run out, or want more time before the next month.

The qualifications and amount of minutes change by state. You can see if you qualify for the free phone and sign up at their site listed below.

It’s real easy to sign up and not to bad of a deal, considering that it doesn’t cost you a dime and provides you with your very own 24-7 cell phone to use as you need.

The only catch is you can only get one per household. If you have two people in the same house who need them, then one of you just go purchase a pay as you go phone for $19 bucks and pay for your own minutes or split the cost. This is a very affordable way to have phone service between two people who really can’t afford contract phones.

So get them, but use them sparingly, keeping down the chit chat and you will never be without a phone again. It’s a real help and money-saver.

I haven’t heard of a cutoff date for getting the phones or a date when the free usage will stop, so go to SAFELINK WIRELESS.COM and see if you qualify.

You can completely register by calling them at 1-800-SAFELINK, or on their site at one of the links provided here. It’s Free, Completely Confidential, And A Big Help To Anyone Who Is Having It Tough.

Thanks for this one TracFone and Uncle Sam.

Reachout Wireless has just come up with the free phone offer also.

To get your Free Phone, CLICK on one of the following links. Then follow their instructions. SIMPLE!


Here’s a few more HOT TIPS

Those old unused cell phones are perfect for older more responsible kids and teens who have been taught how to use 911. Let them carry one with them when they go out and you will feel a little more at ease while they are gone.

They are great to keep as a spare emergency phone in your vehicles, or to take when you are on vacation also.

Give them to visiting out-of-town relatives who don’t have a cell phone to carry during their stay, and they will never forget it.

Give one to an older relative who doesn’t want a cell phone. Explain to them that 911 is free and they can keep it charged at home for an extra phone to use in emergency’s or they can carry it with them when they go out and it won’t cost them a dime. It could save their life!

You can also donate them to charities and recyclers. There are even a few organizations that take used cell phones and in exchange provide our active duty service men and women with free phone cards to use as they want. These programs may be hard to find locally, but are definitely worth donating to. Search “used cell phone donations’ in your search engine to find one near you.


Now Here is a Little Stress Reliever to Ease your Day.

World’s Meanest Dog: The English Cocker Spaniel?

An article in the Discovery news stated the above fact and gave test results that showed it and at the end of the article they also broke into animal training and how any dog could be bad without proper training, also admitting that over half their study group had poor training.

Listen up, whoever wrote that article is correct about the training and that goes for any breed. But the study was bull.

When any dog grows up in a family that treats them like one of the kids, punishing when bad and rewarding when good, you end up with good results. Although not every kid or dog will turn out perfect and that’s part of life. Some may have a little temperament, most just need a stern master and a stable household. No way, the worlds meanest dog by far, or the baddest kid either, with a little guiding love.

The English and all other Cockers are some of the most sweetest and faithful dogs there ever was. You just have to raise them from pup and let them know you are the big dog and your family will have a companion to the end. They are one of the easiest dogs to train.

Besides who can resist those sad eyes!

Read more about the  ENGLISH COCKER SPANIEL.


Hidden Talents – No Resume Necessary.

An unemployed man going through the paper, sees an add for a job at the circus. The add says “Wanted an individual with crowd appeal. You must be able to grab the attention of the crowd, to make them feel happy and welcome here before each act.” Apply at the front office.

Since the man was a salesman, he figured that the Ringmasters job of introducing the acts, was right up his alley. It sure seemed like something he could do. As a salesman, he was very experienced in explaining things to customers, while wording things to grab their attention. Then once he had their attention, he made it seem like what he was selling, was the best thing on the face of the earth. He would reel the customers in with his expertise and then let them know exactly what they were going to get.

“Perfect” he shouted, knowing all along in his mind, that he was the right one for the job. So he got all handsomely dressed up in his best suit and set off on his way. Only making one stop for coffee along the way.

Arriving at the circus office after a short drive, he quickly grabbed his resume from the passengers seat and opened the door of the car to step out. As he did, the wind surprisingly caught hold of the resume, whisking it from his hand and onto the ground next to the car, in one fast swoop. Not wanting it to get dirty or blow away, hastily he leaned from the car to retrieve the resume, forgetting the fact that he still had the hot cup of coffee between his legs, that he picked up on the way.

“YE OW” he screamed, leaping from the car like his pants were on fire, splashing coffee everywhere and onto the resume as well, just as the wind was about to give it another big push. The resume flew several feet farther as he frantically danced around the lot, patting down his pants, trying to stop the sensations he was experiencing from the hot coffee against his legs.

When the burning finally subsided, he quickly focused in on the resume, only to see it be blown under a car a few spots away. Wondering how he was going to reach it, he sprinted back to his car. He had an idea, the umbrella in his trunk would be the perfect tool for the retrieval process. Grabbing his keys he walked back and opened the trunk, reaching in to grab the umbrella. As he bent over, the wind closed the lid down on his head hard enough for him to see stars. He flung the keys down in the trunk, quickly grabbing and rubbing his head for a moment, then hastily grabbing the umbrella, he stepped back from the trunk slamming the lid in discus.

He walked back to the car with the paper underneath, bent over with the umbrella and when he looked to find the paper, it was gone, apparently blown away with the last gust. So he started what must have looked like an unusual ritual. He began to sprint from car to car with the umbrella in hand, dropping to all fours and looking under the cars as if he were kid with a base ball bat, looking for a foul ball that had gotten away from the game.

He sprinted around and looked under the last car but without luck. It was gone, and with his head hung low, looking like a prize fighter who lost his championship belt, he walked back to his car. He approached his car door slamming it shut, and there, laying on the ground behind where the door had been open, was his resume. He bent over and picked up the resume, finally it was back in his possession. Then he looked at it. Not to bad he thought, a few coffee stains, a little wrinkled and dirty, but generally looking better overall, than he himself did now. So he paused for a moment and then headed straight for the office door.

A older, portly gentleman greeted the man at the door with a smile, knowing all along, that he was the right one. He asked the man if he was the one who called, then introduced himself as the manager. Never letting the man know that he had watched him from the moment he pulled in to the parking lot, until he made it to the door. He invited the frazzled man into the building, offered him a seat, took the tattered resume and then began intently listening to the man as he told of his long career in sales and mentioned how he felt he was the perfect candidate for the job.

The manager left and quickly returned with some rags and led him through a long hallway into a large room with a dim light shining in the middle. He tossed the rags to the man stepping back into the surrounding darkness while telling the man to put it on.

Put on rags? The man was puzzled. But upon further examination of the rags he found it to be an old coat, so he slipped it on. He stood there for a moment checking out the jacket. He reached into the top pocket and found a folded handkerchief that he started to pull from the pocket. His face became all scrunchy as he realized he had just pulled a second one out that was tied to the first. He pulled faster and faster and to his surprise they just kept on coming. All the while he was slowly stepping backwards and then he suddenly tumbled backwards over a small stool, he hadn’t noticed. Huge fake gold coins flew from one of the pockets and landed everywhere. He was ok though, because the floor was covered with thick blue spongy mats that he hadn’t noticed either.

He crawled around and around, gathering up a thousand coins and what seemed like an endless supply of handkerchiefs, placing them next to the stool. Then he sat down on the stool to wait, but shot up into the air like a rocket when he felt something wiggle behind him on the stool. With quick jerky movements, looking like he was in a straight jacket, he reached around into a large back pocket grabbing what was inside, only to pull out a bunny rabbit.

Recomposing himself and with a huge smile for the bunny, he sat down, only to once again be launched from the stool. He rose to a loud ringing sound, and while quickly setting down bunny, he started to check the pockets for the loud ringing. To his amusement he pulled out a huge alarm clock from another pocket. Then he saw bunny hopping away, so he suddenly started to chase it, so he wouldn’t loose it. He dove in mid air landing on his belly and grabbed the bunny before it disappeared out into the surrounding darkness of the room.

He stood up and he heard what sounded like the manager laughing and he was getting closer. Just then the manager appeared and walked up to the man with a big smile on his face and told the man that he was perfect and that the job was his if he wanted it.

“Oh Great” the man said, “I always wanted to be the Ringmaster of the Circus” he exclaimed!

“Ringmaster”, the manager laughed, “Although I could use an extra Ringmaster, I am looking for a clown and your a perfect fit”.

“I’ll Take It”, the man said with a smile.


To bad most employers don’t have the skills to look beyond a persons resume or it’s format and more towards the person they are interviewing. The ability to rely more on the interview itself is now becoming more a thing of the past. Personal traits and characteristics should be more of a factor over, some of the easily learned requirements. Many job requirements can be easily and quickly learned by most people in very short periods of time. But you can’t teach a person to have the mentality that goes with a job even though they may have the training.

That’s why many positions you see filled, get posted over and over again. Many managers today do not have the people skills to begin to tell whether or not someone is right for a job. Whether they fit and have the true mental capacity to do it. That’s why they are critiquing resumes so harshly now and now looking at credit scores so heavily for the answers. But a credit score, or a perfectly drafted resume isn’t going to tell you if they are mentally equip to do the job or are happy with their career, though it’s all they may have done. You have to find that out by interviewing them. It’s that simple. No resume needed. Just a quick verbal rundown of their history and the things they know, along with some good general discussion, should be enough to let you know if they are truly right to consider for the position, with or without all the important skills that you require.

Buy em a Book, Send em to School and look what you get!