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Evolution and Extinction, There’s No Escape.

I hate to see endangered species as much as the next person, but what I wonder about is effects on evolution. We evolve as one small part of the universe and it’s been going on for a long time now. There are many changing factors on earth that can and will lead to the extinction of many creatures both big and small.

Many creatures have come to pass well before we got into the picture. Archaeologists have found the evidence left from many of these creatures of the past. It would be something unimaginable to be able to still see them all alive in todays day and age, but would they fit in.

Many of those from the past would now have to have been dealt with either by number management or in a captive manner anyway if they were still around. A pet dinosaur like Dino from The Flintstones cartoon, would be every boys dream. But what about when they grow up? Then they would not only be every dad’s nightmare, but also just imagine the neighbor trouble. You think the battle over the pit bull is big. What about people who raise exotic pets illegally from young, only to find out that they get big and unmanageable, so to avoid fines they are let loose somewhere only to resurface on someone else’s property and scare the hell out of them. Creating a big ruckus, and having to find a new place where they can live. That’s baby lions, cougars, snakes and alligators. Now imagine a growing Pterodactyl, or Brontosaurus, if that doesn’t scare the hair off your scalp. Wow.

The human race has become the major inhabitant of the earth, so what about living with the animals. If they are becoming extinct do to our actions, isn’t that still evolution? The only factor that is thrown in to complicate things is that humans have emotions and intelligence that not only make them enjoy and like animals, but also to be concerned for their wellbeing too.

We will change our ways so that fewer animals become extinct on account of us and the planet will continue to evolve with all of it’s inhabitants having a set period to use it. Let’s not become unintentional killers, but change our ways to preserve all living creatures even past their set time and most of all lets try to be sure that we are not shortening the time for any of them, and that includes us as well.


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