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Happy Cinco de Maio. What, No Hot Sauce.

Happy Cinco de Maio.

I once had this holiday explained to me by a friend from work. That was several years ago.

I think it’s sort of a Mexican Independence Day. The small Mexican army defeated the last invaders to the America’s, a French army that was not only bigger, but better equipped to fight.

It would compare to a David and Goliath sort of story, where the small fighter successfully defeats the bad, larger enemy.

So Have a good day on May 5th, Cinco de Maio. Click for more info.

I do have one serious question though. If anyone can answer this I would greatly appreciate it.

I have asked many managers of Mexican restaurants here in the states and have never gotten an answer.

My question involves of course, Mexican cuisine. Why don’t the Mexican restaurants in the Central Northeastern U.S. serve any type of hot sauce with the food. No matter what I order, they never serve or even offer any type of hot sauce with the meal. I have been to better than 30 of these restaurants and not even a bottle of Tabasco, What Gives? I would even settle for a bottle of Red Hot.

Now in every Mexican restaurant that I visited, they did have some sort of an appetizer that consisted of chips and usually one or two bowls of salsa dip, of varying warmth. I love that, but the problem arises when my meal comes, No Hot Sauce. I Love my Food with Hot Sauce. I have to ask the server if they have any and my answer to the dissatisfaction of my taste buds is usually no.

So being the creative American that I am, I usually ask the waitress before she gets away, to bring back another bowl of the hot salsa for the chips. When it arrives, I then proceed to smother my meal with the contents of the bowl, to try to make up for the lack of the hot stuff. Horrified onlookers usually gasp or laugh and point. One time a waitress actually sat down in the empty chair at the table beside me and the look on her face was crossed, somewhere between having a bad dream and jabbing your finger with a pin, but I still continue to doctor my plate to suit my palate anyway.

So if anyone can tell me why this is, I sure would appreciate the answer, because I’m getting tired of looking for a six shooter belt holster, that will hold a bottle of Red Hot and Tabasco.

Bankruptnooption. Check out a view of me in my Kitchen, below. Enjoy.

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