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True Friends, Take Em, but Never Leave Em.

What can you say about true friends? I tell anyone that I speak with, that if they end up with only one true friend in all of their life, besides their spouse, they should be happy.

Most friends are come and go or what you would call “Fair Weather Friends”. These are the type that hang around you when you are doing OK or they want to influence you through pier pressure and the minute something goes wrong for you, you notice that they start hanging around others and less with you. Now if you ask them for help, you find they are always busy.

You can always tell a true friend by the way they are always ready to forgive you for screwing up. They will most always be there whenever you need their help, if it’s possible and the same is said in return with the way you treat them. They don’t try to press you into anything you shouldn’t do and neither do you. Sure there may be a few rough spots because after all people are different. But as in a marriage, you have to be dedicated to that friend and want it to work and if both parties go through the relationship with the same amount of dedication toward the other, than you will indeed have a true friend for life.

Not counting marriage, in which your spouse should be your closest friend of all, mine is, there are some friendships that will weigh in above even some or most of your own family members, if in fact they are true friends with you. Even though you may not see them as much, you still end up being closer to them than family.

Friends are something in life that you find and loose, some people doing this as much as they change their socks. But true friends are and will always be special and it usually doesn’t even have to be mentioned. You just know it by the way they treat and forgive you, like you do to them.

You know that they are there without being there and as busy as you both may get, you still know that you will be friends forever. True Friends are difficult to find and more so now days. People just don’t seem to get out and talk to others as much as they did in times past. There are more things for an individual to do now days by their self and people seem to be moving at a more rapid pace than ever before, which doesn’t leave much time to chat with others. Plus people have become a little bit colder towards others also, which doesn’t help in finding new friends at all.

The hustle and bustle of society is playing a major part on lonesomeness and depression in America. We as individuals have to remember, there is always time for a little small talk with someone that you may cross paths with during the day and who knows, you might even end up with a true friend by doing so. I took the time several years ago and have two true friends because I did. Both families are now all friends and you can’t ask for more than that.

So heres to you and your true friends and heres to mine (they know who they are!). Now lets go on living, helping and treating them the way we ourselves like to be treated. True friends, You can take em, but never ever leave em!



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