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Cities making money on your fence, at your expense.

Have you done anything around your house lately, like put up a privacy fence or a shed? Those are just a couple of things that most homeowners do to their property. So a lot of cities jumped on the band wagon and made those items, non permit items because the inspectors were so overworked and the cities wanted to give their residents a little break.

So what happened? Things got a little slow with home sales coming to a crawl and the inspectors needed more work. Also the cities needed more money, because of the economy. So guess what? Before you do anything to your house or property you better call the city and speak with someone about your plans and don’t forget to ask them if you need a permit, because I bet you will.

They can hit you with big fines if you don’t get one and you should have. So check first.

Just like the police giving tickets at the end of the month, the city’s have realized the possible revenue they can make from inspecting everything. They are making you pull permits for the free bees from the past and they are adding many new items to the list also, depending on where you live.

Especially since property sales have have picked up over the past year. People are buying auctioned and foreclosed homes at a record pace and every single one requires at least one inspection. Most of them will have items that need to be repaired and there goes the money for permits. I heard of one person that bought a home that needed a lot of work. So you figure the city would give him a break for buying what was a piece of junk and fixing it up. Think again.

They charged him almost $1000 combined in permits, occupancy inspections (C of O’s) and charges for a couple of things he had to have reinspected or didn’t pull permits for. The city’s now have realized that permits, like traffic tickets at the end of the month, are an easy money maker so beware.

You would figure that with the way the economy is, they would be working with the homeowners that are buying these older houses in their cities, just for the fact that they will be inhabited again and not remaining empty eyesores that are being vandalized to the point of demolition. You would think they would be giving discounted permits or waving permit fees altogether to have them renovated faster.

Isn’t this still America? Why are they taking advantage of people who are trying to get ahead by owning their first home and helping the economy to get stronger again. I guess America or no America you will never be able to fight city hall.

I wonder if any one in state government is keeping an eye on this gouging that the cities are doing?

Tip of the day. Always agree with an inspector even if you know for fact they are wrong, and thank them kindly no matter how rude they are to you, because inspectors not only have the power to make the repairs rough on you, they have big ego’s also and they can and will cause you trouble.

The Inspector is ALWAYS RIGHT, and you CAN’T FIGHT city hall on their level, because they all work together. Even if you know you are correct.


If you know your inspector is wrong or you feel the city inspection fees are to much or too many, them leave a complaint or fight your case from the next higher level. The Michigan Attorney General. This Is Sill America Isn’t it? So tell your State Attorney General.


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