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Heaven will be Happier now. Dom Deluise Passes

I look back at these historic outtakes from one of Dom’s movies with Burt Reynolds and it takes me back to younger years, where there were less worries and less stress. I had a friend back then who sculpted his humor from Dom and we were the same way that Dom and Burt were. Always laughing and cutting up. He was just like Dom and I think that their personalities came from the same mould. Dom always made us laugh and everyone said he always had nothing but a kind word for everybody.

We would take the opportunity to watch any of Dom’s movies together, whenever we could and all I can say is, “that man provided a lot of joy for everybody and also for a couple of friends who grew up together, while watching him”.

Loosing Dom is rough because, he was a great guy, a great comedian, a great actor and from what I learned about him in my lifetime, he was an exceptionally kind individual, who had the ability to make people happy, much like my friend Don aspired to be.

Although I never met Dom or knew him personally, I feel I have lost a friend and I’m sure that my friend Don, feels the same as myself and millions of others, who will also miss him.

I guess that Heaven needed someone up there, who could shed a little Happiness in these gloomy times, and I know they chose the right man for the job.


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