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Update on: Government scares hundreds for a picture.

See original article, Government scares hundreds for a picture.

Update: The pictures ended up costing over $350,000 for everything, including fuel for the two airplanes. Hollywood could have made a 30 second commercial for that price and not flown the planes at all to do it! What a shame and waste of good technology.

But that’s not the story now, the story is they did hand someone their own resignation to sign, who was titled an Aide, White House military aide Louis Caldera. He is to resign on account of it, taking the blow for his boss, Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The Aid said it was his fault and apologized for it. Defense Secretary Robert Gates spent time apologizing also. My question is why should the aid be the fall guy. Shouldn’t the boss get it, after all he is the one who is supposedly in charge isn’t he?

Workers are just that. They have overseers that are supposed to keep an eye on them and those people are the ones in charge. Workers should be given an extra chance over a boss because they aren’t the bosses and don’t know everything or they would be the boss.

I don’t care where you work, there should be fair justice served, especially when it comes to important positions. The ones in charge should have programs of checks and balances set up, so that things like this could not happen in any department. I feel the boss should be the one let go for not running things correctly in the first place. It’s to late for a safety net now, which they are planning to put in place. The damage was already done.

So now we all know that fall guys are here to stay and things are not changing as fast as some would lead others to believe. Otherwise it never would have happened.

I hope that this is corrected and I also hope the safety nets are set up for every department, like they should have been, to prevent unusual things like that from ever happening again. Those programs or safety nets should feed information completely back to the President, because I imagine it must have been very embarrassing, for the Commander and Chief, to not have know about the flight through restricted air space, no matter how lame a reason for it.

Even if it was supposed to be his birthday surprise, he should have been informed. Trust me, he will get a lot more practice at being surprised, because he not only works in the Government, but he is a Dad also, and that’s always full of surprises.


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