Greeting The New Neighbors and What We Expect.

Well with so many people moving around now days and so many houses being bought and either lived in or rented, how are we greeting the New Neighbors these days?. Maybe a pie or a hand shake across the fence or a simple wave. Probably not. But we should at least say Hello just to be friendly.

In days of past, New neighbors were welcomed into the community, with open arms, just as if they were long lost friends returning from a failed expedition. There were huge dinners, parties, or celebrations, along with many gifts of welcome called house warming gifts, to help make things easier for them until they get set up. So how did your neighbors welcome you when you arrived? Tons of fanfare or lots of stares?

Welcoming new neighbors is one thing in society that we do not have much time for these days, with all of our deadlines and errands to run. Also, now days people seem to move in and move out so quickly, that we never really get to know the ones that left, if they were worth knowing, before more are moving in. Maybe that’s the real reason for the lack of enthusiasm over meeting the Newbies, or part of it anyway.

Yes it is a rough position to be a Newbie, because all of the pressure is on you. You have to live up to your neighbors expectations before you usually get more than a wave. Oh sure there are always those who are the exceptions to the rule, some that you can count on stopping by when they first see you. The ones that will wander by to invite you down to go swimming and lend you some swim trunks before you are out of the car, or have anything moved in yet. Then there’s the type that will pause while passing by, to warn you about the others, along with all of the things you should be made aware of. They will let you know, just what the people who moved out before you, had to deal with. These are only the extremes.

In general, most of your neighbors will fall towards the middle of those extremes, thank goodness, with the welcome r’s doing just what society has taught them to do at first. The welcome r’s will watch or peek out the window or stand on their porch with another neighbor they know, while scrutinizing your every move and judging you by everything they see. If the Newbie gives them a polite wave because they see they are being watched, the welcome r’s will generally always give a small wave back in return, while trying to look as if they weren’t watching at all. So for the opening ceremonies there isn’t much more than that. Simple isn’t it. Newbies, don’t forget you also, can walk up to your neighbors and make a polite introduction, to help break the ice. After all you are the New Neighbors.

Now on with the game. The neighbors around you will start to flex one way or another. You either end up with neighbors who would have rather lived next to an empty house, not having anything to do with you, except letting you know that the parking spot your in is theirs, or whatever it is you are doing wrong. Now on the other end it will seem as though you have found a new lost friend, one who is always in your back pocket, even inviting themselves over for dinner on occasion. They know all and tell all, about who does what or who to watch out for. These are more the types of neighbors you will end up having.

What it all boils down to is that the welcome may not be big, but you just became a major part of their lives for good or bad and time will tell if you can measure up, so that things will go smoothly between you. You have to figure out their personalities real quick and either become some degree of friendly to them and associate a little, or let them be the loaners they want to be, hardly giving them a wave once a year around the holidays. So here is my recommendation to you, the New Neighbor because, the key to everyones peace and happiness is all riding on you!

Treat your neighbors the way that you would like to be treated. Don’t act any worse than you would expect new neighbors of yours to act. Stick with mostly small talk and keep it friendly. Try to remain nice in all cases. Try to stay center-line on things and issues that generally don’t matter to you anyway. Save having to put your foot down for the major issues that can come up. If you are lucky there won’t be any. In other words lets learn to choose our battles appropriately. Stick to the ones that are important to you for one reason or another and don’t use your pride or ego as a judge of those either. If it really is important for a major reason, then pick up your legal papers and fight it out. Otherwise, most things that are not worth fighting over, will only lead to more trouble in the end, so settle. Even if you have to show you are always the bigger person, just settle on all the little things that really do not matter. You will end up feeling like a parent with children around you, but things will move ahead much more easier and they may even learn how to settle from your examples also. Lead by example.

Thats the key, just try to keep things moving ahead on a steady course and if something does crop up, then deal with it immediately and tactfully, staying fair and honest. Just don’t ever come across like the big bad wolf or you may end up trapped in your new cage —-I mean house forever, with the Hatfield’s or the McCoys living next to you, when you can’t afford to move again.

By the way, for the neighbors who are getting the New Neighbors, this makes you New Neighbors as well. Now that we are All New Neighbors Together, we will be expecting the same from you, that you expect from us Newbies. So, don’t let us down, and we won’t let you down, either. Good, Now that we all know, who we all are,—-

Can I borrow a cup of sugar? Thanks Neighbor!

Heres to gettin to know ya!


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