Even the homeless must pay rent? WHAT!

In New York, the homeless shelters are charging rent to the individuals staying there. I can understand maybe as high as $50 – $100 bucks a month to cover incidentals like water, electric and such, but a whopping $345 , for a room for two people to share that’s no bigger than a jail cell, you have got to be kidding. Oh yea, they expect you to save up money from your checks (no job no shelter) so you can get your own place to live after six months is up. Unbelievable!

You can only stay there six months and in the room, you are not allowed much more than your clothes. No TV. or Radio, and then they slap a curfew on top of all that. For $345 bucks. Ridiculous. They are making people pay so much, that most of them say they are unable to save little to nothing after paying the rent, plus buying all of their food, clothing, personal hygiene items and such.

These are supposed to be public shelters that help people, who are having a tough time financially, and they go and dip off the top of every persons monthly earnings, rent like that, and for what they are giving. These people would do better in a cardboard box in a warm climate, behind a Red Cross building somewhere. At least they could save some money then. (Why isn’t the Red Cross creating or finding shelter for those who need it? There’s people living in tents out there!)

These shelters are usually subsidized by tax money or government programs that are paid back to the states and cities. So why the heck are they Raking these poor folks over the coals, for anything that they can get. This should be outlawed and in my opinion, any place caught doing this, should have to answer up to the States Attorney General, as to why they are gouging these poor folks.

There are people out here hurting right now, many without jobs much less a home to stay in anymore. For cities to charge rent like that to someone who is down on their luck and hurting and homeless because of the economy and not because they just weren’t trying, is absurd, unjust, uncalled for and seems a little unamerican also.

There is an economic crisis going on right now, not only in our country, but around the world as well. Don’t they understand what that means? Millions are now homeless and jobless. Millions more will walk down the same path, before this all gets better! And they have the nerve, when the government is bailing out GM and Chrysler to charge these poor people rent like that, when they don’t have much more left, than the clothes on their backs and a job that didn’t earn them enough to keep them out of a shelter anyway. Bull———- That’s just not the American way, or is it?


  1. acasualcynic
    December 6, 2009 at 12:36 PM

    :O that’s terrible..

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