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Grainger, an Awesome Parts Store that turns away the public.

If you are the type of home owner who repairs a lot of your own stuff and you ever need parts, Do Not Go To Grainger.

You can walk in begging for the part and willing to pay them in cold hard cash, only to end up being sent out the door packing. They are well known through out the industrial and commercial business world out there, and they stock a lot of things that are hard to find.

But as a homeowner, Do Not Go There. Period. I don’t know if they ever sold to the public, but their way of doing business restricts anyone not associated with a business, from buying anything there. I feel that in this day and age, to refuse to sell to the public, when you are actually just a retailer and not a genuine manufacturer, is not very nice, but also a bad business decision to boot. Their bottom line could increase considerably, if only they sold to the public. I don’t know their reasoning behind it, but I know they sit there and do nothing, when they could have bailed out many people by selling them the parts they needed, that only they carry.

I know this first hand. That is my experience with them and I have tried to purchase something there several times, because they were the only place that carried what I needed locally.

If the reason is fear of returns, because customers say it will work and then return it, they could simply say, no parts sold unless they are a direct match, and or the salesman approves the replacement part. Period. This would not only solve their return issues, but allow them to be more of a driving force in the economy and to the towns they are in.

I hope that some day they reconsider their ways of doing business.  They loose out on many sales this way and until you hear the big announcement on your nightly news, with all the new advertising to go with it, I wouldn’t go there. As a retailer in America, they are not very friendly or supportive to the public in the cities they do business in, or elsewhere for that matter. So for now, if you search high and low you may be able to find the parts you need, but you might be looking at several hours of long distance calls and a few hour drive just to go see if they are indeed the correct parts.

Now if you need that knueter valve thing y on Christmas Eve, so you can fix your furnace and save the cost of an emergency repair service call, at 10 times the normal price, then you better just stay home and tell grandma and the children, that they better wear a warm robe tomorrow morning to open their presents, because it may be a little cold around the Christmas tree, Thanks to your present from Grainger.

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