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Closing dealers, open an Automall – Autopark.

For all you dealers who are being let go, don’t take it lying down. Fight back. Here’s how.

Get together with many others in your area and start up some chains of Automalls or Autoparks.! Yep you heard me right, Automalls or Autoparks.

It’s not a new idea by any sense of the word and a few dealerships are already somewhat half set up this way.

First sit down together as adults, not squabbling children and throw the idea on the table. Now see what will work best for everyone, by either splitting items up between Automalls or by just keeping everyones Automall the same plan as the others. You can even group together monetarily as partners, or just as friends and advisors. Now here’s what I envision. Remember you will build up to it, adding new things all the time.

I want to see these dealerships turn into very small used car sales lots, splitting the inventory between the group. Now don’t get rid of your repair garages, because they will be needed for prepping and repairing ALL, yes I said, All makes of cars. Your garage will become your very own General Auto Repair Facility, After market part Installation, and Customization Center, for your Automall.

Good. Now let’s start to get some people in the doors. First off, the group will subcontract with several local stores in the area. You will be subcontracting with your local auto parts stores, your local tire stores, your local stereo, car alarm, and window repair shops, your local performance shops, detail and customizing shops in the area as well. Now if one chooses Murray’s and one chooses Auto Zone, then you sort that stuff out, or host both, I don’t care what you choose, but figure it out for the good of all, Bottom Line. Just remember the more you pattern your malls with the same selections, the better your chances of success, when working together as a chain.

The large main lots at each Automall, will become with the help of some easily fabricated steel buildings, small rows of Walk through, sidewalk covered, strip malls (sort of like an art or a street fair), but only permanent, with a small front for each of the companies you choose, to sell items for their main stores by displays, catalog and computer monitors.

Someone comes in and goes to the Local performance shop outlet you chose and buys a set of headers from the catalog or display, at a small discount because you stock only display merchandise, keeping all the general stock at the mother stores. No warehouse, no parts storage, except for your General Garage items used frequently, so they don’t have to be shipped from the part stores. Customers can go pick up their merchandise at the branch that has it, nearest their house, have it shipped from the branch right to their house, or the parts can be quickly delivered to your General Auto Center for installation by your trained mechanics. Tires, Shocks, Mufflers, stereos, alarms, the list is endless. Anything Sold or Installed on any car A-Z and Anything Repaired on any car A-Z, All in one location. With sales commission for the Autopark too. Still Good.

You can even go so far as having a store front on the strip, to host the first public – Online Shopping Internet Store. Complete with computers and a sales staff, to help the customers in finding parts at the online companies you choose to host, then phoning in the orders for the customers. The items are either shipped to their house or your General Garage for later installation, after you notify them the parts are in. That type of store will become a franchise deal in the next several years. You subcontract with the stores you choose to host online, like JC Whitney, that don’t have real stores, or just a couple. Now, you are an Outlet for a lot more businesses than your mall could ever accommodate.

Now lets get the customers satisfied and happy. I know most customers, dad’s, mom’s, etc., wouldn’t mind waiting around to get their new car stereo or ground effects package, installed on their ride, in your General Garage, if and only if, there was somewhere that had all the necessities they needed, while waiting. Also things to keep the kids entertained, as well as having somewhere to water and walk the dog. Now that you are becoming more family orientated and customer friendly, which is part of what keeps them coming back, you need to expand into your old spaces.

So hence forth Your New Food and Entertainment area, located on your mall grounds, in the old building.

First off we need to set up a contract with one or two types of fast food places for variety and put in a Dairy Queen. Give them a place near the front of the lot to operate. How about your main showroom. You don’t need that anymore because the used car management and sales staff will have their own out building on the corner of the used sales lot, to do business. Besides we can make the drive through pass right in front of the restaurants, right off the main road, convenient. Have some outdoor adjoined seating around the restaurants, where they can eat and feed Fido a few scraps at the same time, just like they do at home. All the people driving by, will see others with or without their dogs sitting out and enjoying food or ice cream and it will become a magnet, just like the lines in front of the ice cream shops pull you in.

Let’s clear out a space behind the Food Court and expand more now, next to the your General Garage Facility, so that after they eat, the customers can stroll to the Entertainment mall! The Entertainment mall will house; TheAutomall Arcade – All Racing Games All The Time, The Car Toy Store – From A-Z all car or driving or racing related toys with (hobby centers too) and The Go Cart Run, with Radio Controll + Slot Cars tracks as well. Don’t forget to include a couple of places like The Car Collectibles, or The Racing Merchandise shop, or an Auto Interior Store, (your wife and daughter will love setting that up), with all the goodies that the gals will need for the insides of their rides. Just make sure you post every shop you promote, on the “YOU ARE HERE” MAP BOARDS located in the different sections of your Automall. We want NO ATTRACTION OVERLOOKED!

Now let’s go a little further and subcontract with a local car wash facility and a local oil change shop and put one of each, right next to the used car lot to help them out. Make them easily accessed from the main road and by an access road from the Garage as well. Let’s make a few deals with the states we are in and attach to your new (metal constructed) used car sales office, a DMV, or Secretary of State office, to service all of your customers State driving needs. Don’t forget a small Taxi Stand by the General Service Garage and Remember to serve your community, by keeping a couple of parking spots Reserved for Ambulances that are between calls, so they can park and save gas. With paramedics parked on site and chatting with the people who wander past them, everybody feels more at ease with the huge crowds you will develop. Besides it will help lower your insurance rates as well!

Now that you are in good with the state and your local city, you can subcontract a local driving school to join in the fun. The sky’s your limit, you decide what’s next. Maybe a small playground or small kiddie carnival rides, under a movie screen, in an old fashioned Drive In Movie setting, showing movies on the huge screen mounted on the side of the fast food court, that faces the main parking lot, with cruise night being on Friday or Saturday night. Just don’t build the monkey bars over a cement pad, like when we were kid’s, or you might have to add a couple more spots for the ambulances.

You see, with a little imagination and creativity, along with that good old American, Go Get Em Attitude, I know you guys will be around a long time. Who knows, when things pick back up and the manufacturers realize, that they acted too quickly, by letting so many dealers go all at once and they need more dealers to keep up with the new demands, maybe they will beat a path to your door so they can have their new line of cars sold by the best Automall or Autopark chain around! How about that for a turnaround, hey! Sure beats a regular dealership any day! Plan on Expanding. LOL.

I am going to stop here and let you continue my Automall Dream idea, with a group or chain of dealers that are closing around you. I hope you all join in and even if you have to sell a few dealerships for capitol, to make one mall or park. Just work together and play nice and fair, reasoning things out for everyone involved. No Greed Allowed. Remember, All For One, and One For All! I wish you all, Full and Complete Happiness and Success, on your New En devours.

Now go get it done and I’ll be seeing everyone at the Automall or Autopark.

P.S. I’m Looking for a position, so someday I can retire happy also!


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