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President Obama at Notre Dame! but What a shame.

There are only a few ceremonies that most people will experience in their lives, and graduating from college, especially a highly ranked school such as Notre Dame, is a major event to say the least. That kind of experience is something most people will always remember, along with weddings and wakes.

Graduations are a special time in someones life, where family and friends get together to celebrate the achievements of their dear love ones. It’s a major stepping stone in their path to the American dream and full maturity.

Now you take an event like that, then add the President of the United States of America to the ceremonies, as the main speaker and the main guest of honor and you really have something that most people attending will “want” to remember all of their lives.

The president has more on his plate at any one time than most anyone around, we all know that. There are only so many minutes in any one day, for him to designate to the current issues on his agenda. I don’t know how it all started, but for such an important ceremony as Graduating from Notre Dame, to become clouded with debate over an issue, no matter how important or pressing it is at the time, is not only stripping such an important ceremony of it’s grace and dignity, but is entirely an inappropriate action, harming not only the cause it was intended to support, but the ceremony it interfered with as well.

Nobody likes or just puts up with interruptions, without carrying away in their active or subconscious mind, at least a small feeling of anger or resentment toward the one that interrupted or the idea they were trying to express at the time they interrupted.

It’s sad to think, that the future memories of everyone who attended that ceremony, will live on clouded forever by such a sad choice to exercise our American right to free speech. Free speech YES, but there are appropriate times and agendas for it, that in the end will not detract from the event it is tossed in to, or turn the people in attendance against the opinions being expressed about the issue.

Plain and simple, just like our mothers used to teach us and for the reasons they explained: It’s not nice to interrupt.



There is a Great need in this country for the government to create a discussion forum, that is carried nationwide by one free channel on television, so everyone can tune in, that moves across the country from state to state, in which the people in attendance can discuss or express their viewpoints about scheduled topics with the appropriate government officials handling those issues.

The scheduled channels, times, topics and meeting places would be advertised in every local newspaper and on the channel carrying it, in advance so more people can participate. This would help everyone in America to make choices about important issues that may or may not deal with them directly. It would make more Americans aware of what’s happening in America and we would become much more informed voters on issues that come to ballot.


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